Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Obama: Bad for Korea

I am pretty surprised that a leading English daily in Korea has endorsed Barak Obama for president, when he has been making the following case continuously for a few months now. From Chosun Ilbo:
“The U.S. Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama on Monday renewed his attack on the Korea-U.S. free trade agreement, which has yet to be ratified. In a speech he delivered in Flint, Michigan, Obama said the Korea-U.S. FTA is anything but a "smart deal." "I believe in free trade. It can save money for our consumers, generate business for U.S. exporters and expand global wealth. (But) unlike George Bush and (Obama’s Republican rival) John McCain, I do not think that any trade agreement is a good trade agreement."

"I don't think an agreement that allows South Korea to import hundreds of thousands of cars into the U.S. but continues to restrict U.S. car exports into South Korea to a few thousand is a smart deal."

I know many people are sympathetic to the things Obama is saying and with recent trade issues over beef in Korea, and the rampant anti-Americanism that has fueled a lot of it, and reconsidering trade agreements with Korea shouldn't be completely out of the question.

What Obama is advocating, however, will seriously hurt the Korean economy (and it won’t be good for America’s either). The last thing either of our countries need right now is a trade war. But what I found astounding is the way a Korean paper (an English one have you, but a national paper none the less) would throw their support behind a candidate that is basically promising to harm Korea’s economy (McCain has thrown his support behind the FTA). All that “hope” and “change” must have rotted that editor’s brain right out.

That, or mad cow from evil American beef.


Not everyone at the Korea Times is on board with Obama. (Hat tip Marmot)

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NeoConstant said...

I really think Obama is a magician. He can really cast a mighty powerful spell. I think the problem with McCain is he's no magician at all. Just an uninspiring old guy. The McCain in 2000 who rebuked the Religious Right instead of pandering to them--that was a GOP candidate who could have won this race. I'm very nervous about the religious right's coup of the GOP here in the States, and McCain isn't easing my mind on this issue. It's tough being a secular centrist in a world of extremes....