Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Iraqis and McCain

Not surprisingly, Obama is the candidate of choice amongst our European comrades, but according to the WSJ, John McCain trumps his opponent amongst Iraqis.
“Constraints of time and money being what they are, I have not gotten round to phoning 1,000 Iraqis to get their views on Obama-McCain. But I did sit down last week with four key provincial Iraqi leaders, Sunnis and Shiites, who -- without actually endorsing Mr. McCain -- made their views abundantly clear.

"The Iraqis are really fearful about some of the positions the Democratic Party has adopted," says Sheik Ahmed Abu Rishah. "If the Democrats win, they will be withdrawing their forces in a very rapid manner."

Mamoun Sami Rashid al-Alawi, the governor of Anbar province, agrees. "We have over a million casualties, thousands of houses destroyed," he says. "Are we going to tell [Iraqis] that the game is over? That the Americans are pulling out?"

Bret Stephens goes on to write:
“A sense of incredulity hangs over the way Iraqis see the U.S. political debate taking shape. The governor tells a moving story about their visit to Walter Reed hospital, where they were surprised to find smiles on the faces of GIs who had lost limbs. "The smile is because they feel they have accomplished something for the American people."

But the Iraqis came away with a different impression in Chicago, where they had hoped to meet with Mr. Obama but ended up talking to a staff aide. "We noticed there was a concentration on the negatives," the governor recalls. "The Democrat kept saying that Americans have committed a lot of mistakes. Yes, that's true, but why don't you concentrate on what the Americans have achieved in Iraq?"


TNC said...

Who do you think McCain will choose as VP? My bet is on a social (Christian, evangelical) conservative. I know it's prob. not going to happen but it would be awesome if he chose Lieberman.

My wife asked, "what has he to gain by that?" My answer, Florida. Jews and Latinos united, we would not be defeated.

Second choice (again, ain't gonna happen) is Bobby Jindal. He's the only candidate who could potentially convince my in-laws to vote for McCain.

As far as cabinet positions, I would like to see John Bolton back in the mix. He kept the fellow travelers and useful idiots in check.

Roland Dodds said...

While I figure it will be social conservative, which saddens me to consider. Like you, Lieberman would be my first pick and any number of foreign policy wonks roaming around Washington that will push for the cause of democracy. I hear Jindal’s name thrown around a lot these days, and that may be the campaign testing the waters. I personally feel he is too young and inexperienced (younger and less experienced than Obama even!) so I wouldn’t put him on my list.

McCain’s campaign has been pretty weak so far, and that worries me. I have not seen the clarity I was hoping to hear from McCain. I hope he picks a VP soon, and hopefully that person can help make McCain’s case. But from where I stand now, its going to be a tough few months.

hydralisk said...

Thanks for that story! I didn't see it printed anywhere else. It makes sense Iraqis would prefer McCain when you think of all the things Obama has been saying, but you just don't think of it. At least I didn't.

Anonymous said...

McCain should be making the case that Iraqis want him at every press outing.

NeoConstant said...

Like you, Lieberman would be my first pick and any number of foreign policy wonks roaming around Washington that will push for the cause of democracy.

Lieberman would be fantastic. He was the only part of the Gore ticket I was in favor of. Sadly, I too doubt that he will be the pick. He would also make an excellent Secretary of Defense, however....