Monday, May 19, 2008

Why Lieberman Matters

Another reason to like Joe Lieberman. From Contentions:
“Senator Joseph Lieberman spoke last night at the annual Commentary Fund dinner at New York’s University Club, which I attended. Although he termed it a “lecture,” his address was in fact a history lesson, one that–in light of the past week’s events–it appears the country badly needs.

Lieberman reviewed the bipartisan war that both American political parties waged against fascism and then communism in the 20th century. He traced the commitment to fighting totalitarianism that ran from Roosevelt to Truman to Kennedy to Reagan. After a near-collapse during the Carter presidency and abandonment by a series of failed Democratic presidential candidates, that tradition of support for freedom and opposition to tyranny, he contended, was restored and became a mainstay in the Clinton administration. He praised Clinton’s willingness to use American military power in Bosnia to prevent ethnic cleansing in Europe’s midst. And he maintained this was the essential platform that he and Al Gore ran on in 2000.”

His argument, that the Democratic Party needs to have a strong foreign policy wing, and is one of the reasons for the retention of his party membership, is a good one. This country, and the Democrats can not allow itself to become a completely dovish group that the Daily Kos and Hufftard’s would like them to be. In a fight like the one we are engaged in, it needs to be more than just the Republican’s war.

And for those of us who are not in complete chorus with the Republican’s set of social and economic policies at home, it is imperative that the Democrats not shoot themselves in the foot by painting themselves as the party unwilling to tackle the threats we face overseas. We need more men like Lieberman in office.

So keep on fighting Joe.


NeoConstant said...

Lieberman is exactly the sort of Democrat that could convince me to maybe, possibly be a Democrat...though really, I am more at home as an Independent. I also feel that many aspects of the "moral" positions both Parties take--on the Left is the relativism, on the Right the bigotry--are damaging to our culture.

So I will take my politics and my ideas and leave the Parties to the Parties.

Nice blog, by the by. I've added you to my "Links"


E.D. Kain

Roland Dodds said...

Thanks for the kind words neoconstant. I have checked out your place a few times, and I’ll add it to my blogroll. Cheers.

Red XIV said...

The problem is that Lieberman doesn't seem to grasp that having a "strong foreign policy" doesn't mean going to war every time the opportunity presents itself. The current position of the Democratic Party isn't opposition to all wars, it's opposition to a specific, disastrous war we're fighting right now. The reason he lost in the last Democratic primary isn't that he supports "strong foreign policy", it's that he supports the Iraq war specifically.