Wednesday, May 21, 2008

What to Do About Korea

Kim Dae-Joong has a nice piece up at Chosun Ilbo about confronting anti-Americanism in Korea. Read it all here.
What are the roots of the sentiments? In our constant dealings with the U.S., we've perhaps encountered too much of the superior position and sentiment of U.S. to us. In that process, we have come to harbor a feeling of being victimized since we are the weaker country in the alliance. While accommodating U.S. troops stationed here, we have generated plenty of conflict and controversies surrounding them. North Korea and the pro-Pyongyang forces here denounce them, and their propaganda and brain-washing tactics has spread a sense that the U.S. troops are the source of all wrongs done on the Korean Peninsula and a walking emblem of imperialist aggression. Leftwing organizations and some civic forces sympathetic with them ceaselessly demand the withdrawal of U.S. troops, just as North Korea does.

But enough is enough. We can no longer afford to waste time on America issues and anti-American sentiment and let them ruin our social integrity. We cannot leave the controversies and candlelight vigils over the U.S. Forces Korea unchecked any longer. It’s past time we had a proper social mechanism to deal with this effectively.

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