Wednesday, May 07, 2008

The Silliness of Korean Protesters

Who the hell is the Korea Times fooling with this drivel?
“Politicians in the governing Grand National Party and conservative media outlets attack the ongoing Internet impeachment campaign and candlelit vigils as anti-American groups' instigation. It's true these moves are going a bit too far, but most ― if not all ― of their chants were not against the U.S. but against the Lee administration, which is a little more than two months into office. This has little to do with ideology or anti-Americanism, unless President's Lee's excessive compliance with the U.S. backfires.”

It most definitely has everything to do with anti-American sentiments from the Korean left and its comrades in the news media. As anyone with half a brain cell can see (including the Korean American Association), the threat of Mad Cow from American beef imports is incredibly low. Students and know-nothings are being swept up in yet another blame America charade that is all the rage in Korea. If all these folks were really worried about the quality of their food, they may want to turn an eye to the Bird flue problems Korean chicken stock has been experiencing lately. I doubt you will see a candlelight vigil of this size concerning Korean food quality. Heck, you won’t see a vigil this size over the humanitarian crises in North Korea and the looming starvation that is expected to hit its population, but as any good leftist knows, America is enemy number one. Protesting America is the world’s favorite pastime, regardless of its merits.

Lee’s “excessive compliance with the U.S”? Is that what market liberalization is being called nowadays? Maybe we should return to the policies of the Roh administration. You know, the ones that single handedly pushed investment away from Korea? Diminished respect, a weakened economy, and becoming a totalitarian government’s piggy bank: now that’s the kind of policy we need!

And don’t for a second try and tell me that the groups that put on these protest spectacles are not hard left anti-Americans. Groups like the Democratic Labor Party have long been controlled and run by North Korean agents, and they use any possible opportunity to turn South Korea’s scorn on the US, and not where it rightfully belongs: right on North Korea. So spare me the bullshit about this being an act by concerned Korean citizens.

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