Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Rebellion in North Korea?

The Daily NK continues to be one of the best sources for information on the situation in the hermit kingdom available to English speakers. Everything they say I take with a grain of salt, simply because it is all heresy, and there is no way to verify their reports at this moment in time. But there has been a continuing theme over the last few months, and that is rebellion in the north is a possibility more so than it was in the past 20 years, and a lot has changed since the famine in the 90s.

“Thanks to shortwave radio and influx of DVDs and CDs, outside culture and information is prevalent. Moreover, people found out how to survive without government ration.
Lee said, “Survivors of the last decade know why we starve. It is because our leaders did not open and reform our country.”

Hong said, “Before then (1990s), people believed in the Party and Kim Jong Il. Now, they pretend to believe. What they really believe is themselves. It is true that we are having a hard time, but people learned how to survive. There would be no great famine this time.”

Nevertheless, North Koreans are increasingly disgruntled with their leadership. And fear of mass starvation remains, especially among the least favored class.

Open criticism on the regime was not imaginable 10 years ago, but this has become common, even among party officials.”

The Daily NK goes on to say that the government’s bureaucracy is still strong. An independent movement has not formed to challenge the government, and likely won’t as long as the state kills thousands of individuals a year to remind the populace who is in control.


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