Thursday, May 22, 2008

Goodbye Hagee, I Won’t be Missing You

McCain has now publicly rejected John Hagee’s endorsement of his campaign, after it was reveled that Hagee “believed the Nazis did God's will by chasing the Jews from Europe.” I say good riddance to this religious nut job, and I called on McCain to disown him months back.

While I don’t think the Hagee issue hurts McCain like the Wright one did for Obama, it goes to show just how foolish it is to seek endorsements from a sector of our community that spouts vile “religious” nonsense, and generally get a pass because they are “community leaders” or “men of faith.”

The real sad thing about this whole Hagee event, is that McCain didn’t throw him to the wolves earlier.

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Steve Nizer said...

McCain is now reaching beyond the base. As Obama morphs into George McGovern, this election is in the bag.