Sunday, April 20, 2008

"Vulgar Marxism" and Obama

An interesting glance at the Marxist undertones to Obama’s “bitter” comments from Mickey Kaus.
Greg Mitchell ridicules Bill Kristol for insinuating that Barack Obama was a Marxist for saying that residents of economically depressed small towns "cling to guns or religion ... as a way to explain their [economic] frustrations." But of course it was a Marxist thing to say, wasn't it? If Democrats had delivered on the economy, Obama suggests, all those GOP cultural "wedge" issues would lose traction. This idea--that the economy trumps culture--isn't new. It's "materialism." The economic "base," Marxists would argue, determines the cultural "superstructure." If the economy changes (i.e. if small town Pennsylvanians get well-paying jobs) then the superstructure will change (Pennsylvanians will feel less intensely about their religion).


Landon said...

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Steve Nizer said...

Obama is damaged goods. Outside of guilty white liberals, I can't imagine his popularity will remain intact. All McCain needs to do is win Zell Miller Democrats in places like Florida.

Roland Dodds said...

Thanks for posting Landon, I will jump over to check out your work.

Steve: while I don’t really trust any national polling at the moment, I do think McCain has an edge in this election in all important states like Florida. As much as Obama would like to paint himself as a “new” type of politician, he is simply the same old left wing Democrat that has come countless times before.

He will have a hard time winning this election, even in a year that should be a clear victory for the Dems.

Jonesy said...

Obama is just another pusher of opium, in this case, hope. As he lulls the ignorant masses into slumber he continues to aid and abet the rape of this planet by the imperialist scumbags. I see no way he is different from George Bush, except, perhaps, erudition.