Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Spiritual Adviser with Bigger Plans

Poor Obama...just when he thought this whole Reverend Wright problem had been brushed under the rug, his spiritual advisor just had to go on a media spree. I would have to agree with the Gun Toting Liberal, when he says Wright is out to ruin Obama’s chances at the White House.
“Jeremiah Wright has gone on a rampage over the last twenty-four hours; stumping (yes, STUMPING) for a possible vice presidency (for whom, one must wonder?) and doing anything and everything he can to preserve his newfound fifteen minutes of fame as the former pastor of Trinity United Church. Furthermore, it doesn’t seem he gives a damn whether or not his former parrisioner, Barack Obama, has any success in his quest for the presidency either.

While initially, somewhat alarmed by the soundbites of Mr. Wright, I am now beginning to see a power-hungry man who’s so infatuated with his newfound “fame”, he’s willing to throw Obama and anybody else under the proverbial “bus” to join the ranks of Jesse Jackson in the “divisive, roaming pastors without a church” crowd.

It does seem like Wright doesn’t want Obama to win by the way he is going about ranting and raving. It looked like Obama had put this whole mess behind him (at least for this primary season), and then Wright comes out and reminds everyone why they don’t trust the fact Obama hung around a man like him for so long.

I also find Wright’s argument that he is required to say the things he does because he works for a “higher power” and not for political gains (as Obama apperently is) pretty ridiculous. What, he couldn’t hold off on the national press circuit for 5 months until after Obama was elected? God is going to damn the guy if he avoids talking to news outlets for half a year?

Wright is staking a prime spot for himself in the black victimization industry so many “preachers” profit from. His name is now spoken in every household in America, and by stepping up his rhetoric, he will wrap up support from the very circles he will profit from in the coming years. Just take a look at the things being said about him at the Huffington Post and Daily Kos (some go as far as saying they would vote for Wright himself). Portions of the left think exactly as Wright does, and he is going to profit from that. Move over Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton, there’s a new black leader in town.

Wright’s last few days on the stump have done more damage than any Republican spin machine could have, but yet I doubt many Obama supporters will claim any responsibility if Obama loses in November. They can always blame Fox News and those evil Republicans, and not their inability to scrutinize their candidates properly.

Is it fair to say that only the Democratic Party could spoil an almost guarantied election triumph, all within a few short months?

(Contentious Centrist has a good blog roll concerning Wright’s recent escapades.)

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Anonymous said...

And just like Al Sharpton and Jackson, staying in the media spotlight is the most important thing.