Sunday, April 27, 2008

Freedom for the Uyghur People

(The illegal separatist flag of East Turkestan.)

I recently belittled a columnist in the Korean press who claimed cultural imperialism was being practiced by English teachers on the peninsula. While I sneer at the argument, and while I feel the “cultural imperialism” label thrown around far too frequently, there are real examples of it currently underway around the world. Look no further than Western China and Uyghur people, and you will see what real cultural imperialism is.

The attempts by the Chinese government to suppress the cultural and political autonomous elements in Tibetan society gets a lot more press in the west, but their region is not the only locale currently pressed upon by Chinese communists. The Xinjiang provience in Western China (also called Chinese Turkestan and East Turkestan) is largely inhabited by the Turkish Ugyhur people. According to the Uyghur Human Rights Project, the Chinese government is engaged in a systematic suppression of the Uyghur and their culture through both political domination and economic exclusion.

The Free Tibet movement benefited from its celebrity activists and its charismatic leader, both of which the Uyghur rights movement lacks. The Chinese government has claimed that they are fighting Islamic terrorism in the largely Muslim region; last year Chinese authorities raided a terrorist training camp and killed 18 militants as well as capturing stockpiles of weapons. While these reports come directly through the Chinese government, it is probable that some Islamic terrorist elements are now operating in the area.
(Photo via Zombietime)


jams o donnell said...

Alsa some causes are forgotten in favour of more "fashionable" ones. I'm not decrying the Tibet or Burma campaigns at all. It's just that so many other ones are forgotten

Roland Dodds said...

True Jams. It helps that many liberals in the West take pleasure in Buddhism, and romanticize societies that practice it. That’s not to say the fight in Burma and Tibet isn’t justified and worthwhile, just that the specifics of those struggles allow them to get more press I suppose.

Anonymous said...

Like your site, Roland!

However, you are way off on the Uighur thing. It is absolutely true that there are Muslim Brother elements operating in Xinjaing.

Sadly, it is a similar situation to Kosovo, Chechnya, Syria and Egypt where elements of western intelligence also support the MBs.

Until the Saudi/MB influence is cleansed from Washington, there will continue to be "anti-communists" who have no problem working with terrorism supporters. If we want to win the war against Islamism, we need to hold our noses and ally with the Russians, Chinese, Indians, Thais, and everyone else facing the jihadist threat. We had to do it in WW2 and we need to do it again.

No more support for jihad ANYWHERE: Kosovo, Xinjaing, Chechnya, Egypt, you name it.

Weeger said...

@Anonymous: I wonder where you get your information that there are "Muslim Brother" elements operating in Xinjiang. The Chinese government, perhaps? Have you been talking with Wang Lequan? There may be a few bad apples running around Xinjiang, but nothing like what the Chinese government would have us believe. There is absolutely no indication that the situation there is similar to that in Kosovo, Chechnya, Syria or Egypt.
The vast majority of Uyghurs do not believe in any kind of "jihad", and simply want to be left alone to live their lives freely.

Roland Dodds said...

Hey Anon and Weeger, thanks for posting.
While I don’t doubt that some Jihadi elements have moved into the Xinjiang independence movements, most of the reports I have read don’t lead me to believe it is a major or substantial portion of those operating for independence.
While I agree that we will unfortunately have to temporarily tolerate regimes like China and Pakistan during this fight against Islamic totalitarianism, I don’t think it means that all movements for self determination should be put on hold why we wait for the fight to finish. I supported independence for Kosova, even though I recognized there were Islamists who also wanted to achieve that goal, and I extend the same principle to the Uighur. They should not be condemned to live under a totalitarian regime simply because some of their people are sympathetic to terrorists.
We made a huge mistake in the Cold War by aligning with totalitarian regimes as long as they were neutral or supportive of our fight against communism. We handed communists some of the moral high ground because we sometimes supported subjugation over liberty, and I don’t think we should do the same again.

Anonymous said...

"I supported independence for Kosova, even though I recognized there were Islamists who also wanted to achieve that goal,"

-Sorry, Roland, but you really need to do more research on this stuff. The KLA is a direct outgrowth of the Waffen SS Handjar division and a modern-day manifestation of Naziism. The new Kosovo flag is the symbol used by the Handjar Waffen SS.

As for the Uighurs, they are closer to pan-Turkist movements than Al Qaeda, per say. But they are Muslims and as such, believe in the Ummah and domination over infidels such as yourself.

A good reference for what the bad guys are up to is the UNPO website. The UNPO is run by Karl von Habsburg, heir to the Habsburg dynasty and husband of Francesca Thyssen-Boornemisa, heir to the Nazi Thyssen fortune. Their plan is to break up Russia, China, and the US on behalf of the EU dominated by Germany. The plan for the US is breakaways by the Hawaiians and Lakota. By helping the Uighurs or other peoples on the fringes of China and Russia, the U.S. is moronically aiding in it's own destruction.

This map is worth a million words...

Anonymous said...

"The vast majority of Uyghurs do not believe in any kind of "jihad", and simply want to be left alone to live their lives freely."

-They would probably get that if they could restrain the jihadists among them. That is the standard we apply to the Palestinians, why not apply it to the Uighurs?

Also, it helps to understand a lot of this stuff if one understands that the Dalai Lama has alligned himself with the UNPO and has long been close to Nazi elements, including war criminal Bruno Beger and SS man Heinrich Harrer.

Sadly, while PC multiculturalism has screwed up liberal brains on jihad, the Cold War screwed up conservative brains equally.