Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Conservatives Win Big in Korea

Lee Myung-Bak’s Grand Nation Party won big in yesterday’s Korean election, giving his Party a commanding position in government, and securing Lee a major victory. From the Korean Times:
“The governing conservative Grand National Party (GNP) became the largest party by securing 151 out of the 299 National Assembly seats but failed to win an absolute majority of 168 as of 10 a.m. Wednesday.

In the elections Wednesday, the center-of-left United Democratic Party (UDP) failed to secure 100 seats, which are necessary to block the any possible move by the GNP to change the Constitution. It is expected to secure about 85 seats, including those awarded through proportional representation.

Conservatism swept the country with the GNP and other conservative groups and independents, whose political orientations are almost identical with the governing party, expected to secure more than 200 seats. Once these conservatives unite, they can revise the Constitution.”

Kim Jong-ill can’t be too happy right now.


Anonymous said...

"...and may even be one of those dreaded NeoCons."

Andre said...

I'm glad that a party which will not treat Kim Jong-Il with kid gloves won the election - although I'm saddened that it is not the liberal left which is leading the fight against tyranny anymore.

hydralisk said...

Anything that makes Kim Jong-il unhappy makes me very happy.

Roland Dodds said...

I agree Andre; I would prefer to see a liberal left party take control of the government, but the reality of the Korean political system is that the UNP and other conservative groups are the only ones pushing for democracy and liberty in the North. The left leaning political groups and organizations have long been supported by the North Korean government. Perhaps this loss of control over the country will force the left in Korea to rethink their positions.

Anonymous said...

The sunshine policy was pretty clearly rejected by the Korean people this week.