Friday, December 28, 2007

North Korea’s Influence in the South: Part 1

It is known amongst educated Koreans that the Democratic Labour Party is controlled by North Korean agents and has operated in this way for some time now. Recent admissions by former lawmaker Cho Seung-soo, who still belongs to the party, have only reinforced that perception. He had this to say:
“I’m seriously wondering whether to keep my party membership if the DLP won’t sever ties with pro-North Korean members after the party's crushing defeat in the presidential election,”

Cho said the national liberation front faction (the pro-North Korean portion of the party) made no bones about using illegal means to assume the reins. He went on to say,

“The faction has treated the DLP not as a political party but as a front squad for struggle within the National Assembly. They have managed and executed budgets as if it was not a political party but a private organization. Many party members can no longer put up with their behavior.”

Until recently, the Korean teachers union was also heavily influenced by North Korean agents and sympathizers. From the looks of it, and from what many folks tell me at my school, this has changed considerably in the last 10 years. All of the teachers I spoke with at my school were explicitly pro-Lee Myung-buk this previous election. Not something many communists would commit to.

One can only hope that since the previous leftist government has been thrown out, we will see a more principled stand against the North, and not the ridiculous Sunshine policy that has only prolonged the cruelty of the Kim family.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

The End of America!....oh wait…

Third world-minded leftists rejoiced at the very mention of this development in the United States:
Freedom! Lakota Declare Sovereign Nation Status
Lakota Sioux Indian representatives declared sovereign nation status today, December 19th, in Washington D.C. following Monday’s withdrawal from all previously signed treaties with the United States Government. The withdrawal, hand delivered to Daniel Turner, Deputy Director of Public Liaison at the State Department, immediately and irrevocably ends all agreements between the Lakota Sioux Nation of Indians and the United States Government outlined in the 1851 and 1868 Treaties at Fort Laramie Wyoming.

“This is an historic day for our Lakota people,” declared Russell Means, Itacan of Lakota. “United States colonial rule is at its end!”

Holy hot dogs Batman! America is going to go all Yugoslavia in the coming months, and it’s our beloved native culture that is going to bring about such an insurrection. What a great and glorious day for all college professors who have never found a revolution they didn’t love! This will surely end that evil America once and for all.

Oh wait, there were just 4 people to “declared independence” from the Sioux tribe, and not the actual tribe? Well shit, most nuclear families are bigger than that; they might as well claim sovereignty and establish their own nation.

Again, this is just another case of the American left jumping to a symbolic gesture rather than actually trying to make the country and the world a better place. It is better to put on a show than to actually contribute to physical change after all. Who needs change when you can pat yourself on the back, and eventually get a teaching gig at a leading university?

Any media outlet that covered this retarded story as if it was real news should be ashamed.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

The Real Man of the Year

Forgot that Russian jerk; this person actually deserves the title “Man of the Year.”

And I am not the only one to think so either.

From Time’s website:
Many of Petraeus' Pentagon peers — who were always suspicious of their colorful rival, with his penchant for push-up contests and a doctorate from Princeton in international relations — are still opposed to what he is doing in Iraq. They believe too many U.S. troops and too much equipment are engaged in a struggle likely to have a futile outcome. The Iraqi political leaders remain recalcitrant, their government a dysfunctional mess. The true loyalties of the Iraqi security forces remain questionable. Much of the American public has tired of the war, although tolerance for the effort seems to be creeping upward in some polls as the level of violence in Iraq abates.

And yet Petraeus has not failed, which, given the anarchy and pessimism of February, must be considered something of a triumph.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

A Charlie Brown Christmas in Korea

Here is a picture of my less than stellar Christmas tree. Rather than having no Christmas decorations in my apartment, I opted to taking a branch from the woods and throwing together some ornaments to give my home a little Christmas cheer.