Saturday, December 08, 2007

“Morons ‘r’ Us” make threats right on this Blog

It is almost too ridiculous to imagine, but a group that actually supports the murder of teachers has posted on my Blog in very unambiguous and apparent terms. The “Morons ‘r’ Us” as I call them, says this:
“Through no fault of our, youth have been institutionalized, against our will, for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. We have been forced into slave labor. We have been psychologically molested. We have been beaten. We have been tortured. All this is legal, fully endorsed my the U.S. government. We have NO LEGAL WAY to protect ourselves from our teachers (even publicc school teachers, not the child beaters of private schools and worse, "juvinile correctional facilities" a.k.a the gulag schools). Morons ‘r’ Us therefore officially condones any and all action against any employee of the U.S. school system, because they are ALL supporting a bigoted and fascist organization. Morons ‘r’ Us also supports all action of the Youth Liberation Front provided that they follow their own laws stated in the Youth Liberation Front manifesto.”

I hope that a group this retarded and stupid is a joke, but with the state of the Left as it is, I am not surprised that some young radical would take this position. Completely disgusting; I just wish more law enforcement officers could see this threat as one that is real and apparent after the tragedy in Omaha.


After talking to some trusted confidants, I have decided to remove the name of the group but not the message they left. I think the words should be taken seriously, even if it is simply to show how narcissistic and stupid some people are, but I won’t give their “group” (something tells me this is just some college student with a warped world view) credit for any of it.

Ichinkhorloo "Iko" Bayarsaikhan Still Deserves Justice

The death of Ichinkhorloo "Iko" Bayarsaikhan still deserves attention, and an anonymous comment to my story on her murder has a good link to a piece about some of the practical supporters of her murder.

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Is the Media Really this Stupid?

For the love…why do these inane stories come up after tragedies like the one we saw today in Omaha?

Mall Insecurity: Targets for Threats?
Deadly Omaha Mall Shooting Raises Questions About Shopping Center Safety

Jezzzzzzussss; does anyone take these types of media spin jobs seriously? The safety of shopping malls? Are our local shopping centers really the terror trap every media commentator will likely make them out to be in the coming 48 hours? The ABC News piece goes on to say:
“And in 2002, the D.C. snipers murdered at least two people outside of strip malls.”

I don’t even know how to comment on that, other than to say millions upon millions of people go shopping in America every year, and that they have a greater chance of dying on the way to the mall than they do at it. I guess those deaths or too benign to turn into a media frenzy, and thus won’t be sensationalized.
I can hardly hold back the spite built up in my throat by the utter sensational and disrespectful nature of this ABC headline. There is simply no act of cruelty and horror that the media won’t latch onto to make a buck by fallaciously terrifying its viewers.

This murder in Omaha should make everyone angry and disgusted. But to make the argument that our malls need more security and increased surveillance is ridicules. Unless you have the National Guard stationed at every shopping center across the nation, this kind of thing is unavoidable on a law enforcement level. What I think is truly repulsive is the way major media outlets capitalize on a tragedy to further fear among people who may be shocked from an event into seeing a bogyman in every shadow. Shame on you.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Sherri Sheperd: Screw Mesopotamia, Christians Came First!

Did you know that nothing predates Christians? I wonder if the Greeks knew that?

I don’t watch the View, and this comment from Sherri Shepherd, who apparently doesn’t understand world history in the slightest, and insists "Jesus Came First" only reaffirms my commitment to avoid it. And this individual has a talk show! What a world.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Elizabeth Kucinich for First Lady!

I actually agree with a post at Indybay…kind of.

I am all about that women being First Lady, even if her husband doesn’t win. That may be the most male thing I have ever professed to, but just look at this women! Give her an office!

Monday, December 03, 2007

Indybay Turns Thugs into Victims

Let’s say you are police officer investigating the murder of a teenage girl. You have witnesses to this crime, and they can describe the person involved. They can even give you names of the assailants. You should probably use that vital information to purse the offender right? You know, go to the community were the culprit likely lives and ask for them by name and appearance. Well junior gumshoe, that sounds like a logical plan, I doubt anyone would find fault with it.

Well surprise surprise, the head-up-the-ass left at Indybay could never support such a reactionary action! That’s racism dude, and how dare you canvas in any one ethnic community. That’s like, totally, Nazi Germany man!

Here are the justly depressing details
to this crime that Indybay feels shouldn’t be included at their site:
“Ichinkhorloo "Iko" Bayarsaikhan’s was shot just after 10 p.m. Oct. 31 in Washington Park as she was hanging out near a swing set with 10 friends, all, like her, immigrants from Mongolia.

According to the affidavits filed by Alameda police Detective Greg Ella, five or six boys in black hooded sweatshirts approached. One of them, Ella said, "made some statements along the lines of, 'What are you looking at?' and, 'Give us your money.'

A 15-year-old boy then pulled out a gun and said, "Is this what you're looking at?" before firing several shots into the air, Ella wrote.

Ichinkhorloo's friends scattered, and the suspects began to walk away. "But at least one member of the victim's group tried to confront them," Ella wrote.

He said the 15-year-old boy who had fired into the air told police that Tran then grabbed the gun and "fired one additional shot, this one toward the victim group, striking a girl."

Ichinkhorloo was struck in the back and died at Highland Hospital in Oakland.”

The thugs who apparently killed her mocked how 15-year-old Ichinkhorloo fell when she was shot, a witness told police. Another boy later bragged of his involvement in the crime to schoolmates, a boast that helped investigators solve the killing, police said.”

The killing of an innocent immigrant teenager doesn’t really get the Indybay community up in arms, unless it is at the hands of some white folks, and then it’s a crusade of the highest order. As Indybay claims:

“In the last three weeks, three incidents have occurred within the Asian Pacific Islander community in the East Bay. Ichinkhorloo Bayarsaikhan, a 15 year old who immigrated to the United States from Mongolia, was murdered in a park in Alameda on Halloween night. The Alameda Police Department has been terrorizing Southeast Asian youth in Oakland instead of doing what community organizers would consider "a true investigation of the murder”… Local activists are concerned that the full story behind the investigation of the murder has not been told.”

What? So all other local media outlets are lying about the investigation I guess, and the Indymedia vanguard had to set us all straight. A true investigation of the murder? Was the CIA and the NeoCons responsible for this senseless killing? And for the love of God: who are these “community leaders” and “activists”? Something tells me it is just the designated roles adopted by the communists posting this story, or the gangs and thugs that represent “culture” and “community” to many on the left. They are activists alright; if it wasn’t for their activity, our streets would be a lot safer and immigrant communities would not be held hostage in their own neighborhoods. Community leaders my ass.

Someone left this comment on the Indybay piece that claimed “the APD went to Bret Harte Middle school and called out everyone with the last name SAECHAO… SAECHAO is a very common last name in the Mien community. I think they shouldn't have done that. Even though they might have the same last name, that doesn't mean they're related. There are hundreds of Mien people with that last name.” Of course they aren’t all related Sherlock, and I am sure the police didn’t arrest everyone with that name, but a rational individual would say the police are not doing their job if they didn’t look into every lead. Let’s say the suspect was white and had the last name ‘Smith’. Wouldn’t you expect the police to look into every person named ‘Smith’ in that community who fit the physical profile of the suspect? Of course they would, but golly you can’t do that in this situation. You should include EVERY ethnic and cultural group in your investigation, even if all the facts at your disposal lead you to a specific segment of society. Madness!

This is the mindless type of nonsense that has broken the back of the left in America. Their inability to face reality, and the unwillingness to stand up for real victims like Iko, has made American leftists nothing but distressing jokes. Indybay “community leaders” should be ashamed of themselves, but something tells me they will quickly find another opportunity to demonize the police and lionize thugs and gangsters.

Iko’s mother, Uranchimeg Khishigdorj, had this to say about the murder of her daughter:
"Iko was my only daughter. She always had a smile on her face. She loved life. She always shared her dreams with me. But I lost my sweet daughter. I wish that every family never has to go through what I'm feeling."

Chavez loses?!

I’m as surprised as you are! Check out Gateway Pundit for the whole skinny.