Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Another Day with Good Old Uncle Ron

Since I am on a Ron Paul kick at the moment, here are some interesting pieces by the always good New Centrist on the Paul “phenomenon.”
Virtual Reality Versus Political Reality
Judging by the large volume of his virtual supporters on the Internet I expected a decent crowd for Paul. The turnout was, and there is no other way to put it, pathetic. His entourage actually outnumbered the small group that had gathered to hear Paul talk about his supposed “strict Constitutionalist” stance.

Is Ron Paul the Republican Ralph Nader?
I hear Nader is considering running. Is a Nader-Paul ticket in the works? If Buchanan and Nader were able to work together I see nothing preventing Nader and Paul allying against the evil forces of “corporatism.”

Ron Paul and the Paulistas: Populism and the Paranoid Style in American Politics
The Paulistas are out there and they’re angry. They’re mad about “corporatist” governance, the Federal Reserve and the war in Iraq. More than a few are truthers and they are quick to spring into action when Paul is mentioned in a a negative light. A few bloggers have experimented by posting entries with titles like “Ron Paul, Ron Paul, Ron Paul, Ron Paul” to see what would happen and, sure enough, the Paulistas come out of the woodwork.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Ron Paul: Still Wrong

Just another point that needs to be driven home to anti-Iraq protesters and their great leader Ron Paul about the legality of the war.

A great speech by John McCain about the need to stand up to popular opinion when it comes to principles. A key point he made:
“While my duty is neither dangerous nor onerous, it compels me none the less to say to my fellow congressmen and all Americans who disagree with me, that as long as we have a chance to succeed, we must try to succeed. I am privileged as we all are, to be subject to the American people and history. But my friends, they are not always the same judgment. The verdict of the people will arrive long before history.

And last but not least, the great Christopher Hitchens, who makes the case for defending democracy amongst a crowd who should never need to be educated about the threat of theocracy. As he said (amongst many other things):
“A fight is on (in Iraq), and we dare not lose.”

Monday, November 19, 2007

Ron Paul: Leftist Hero?

(UPDATES at the bottom of this piece)

If there is one thing about Ron Paul you should never doubt, it is his ability to pull in the conflicting and monstrous fringes within our political system. Not only does the guy take in funds from members of the white nationalist group, Stormfront, but also leftists hoodwinks like those that frequent Indymedia. Don’t believe me? Well take a look at this post from Indybay.

Yes, the article is an argument against supporting Paul from the left, but the comments that follow it are truly unexpected. For anti-constitutional communists, Ron seems to be making a stir within certain imprudent circles. Here are just a few highlights:
This article makes a strong case as to why a socialist can support Ron Paul.
Take Socialized Medicine for example: Since the federal government will take in less tax, states can afford to raise taxes as high as they see fit and use it to implement socialized healthcare. Now you do not need to convince the entire United States that socialized healthcare is better, but you only need to convince the people of your state, a much simpler task.”

Who would have thought the most dedicated libertarian in the race could make a case for the socialist vote? But anyone who looks behind the drape can make out that this is nonsense. If you believe in a role for government and jump on the Ron Paul bandwagon, yet protests when they are cut, are idiots of the highest order to get into Paul’s bed. This man would cut every program down to its skeleton. While I claim to be a neo-libertarian, I find this type of position repugnant. People will always chose strong government over a weak and absent one, and it is best we advocate for personal liberty within the confines of our modern society.
“I do believe that he's the least divisive and the least partisan of ALL the candidates on both sides of the aisle. You owe it to yourself to watch him speak.”

Fair enough. Watch the guy speak; if you pay attention, you will see that he plays well to the extremist crowd by not endorsing any of their positions but by allowing those persuasions to see him as a guiding light against the forces that ruin the world (socialism if you are a libertarian, government if you are an anarchist, etc). Which leads right into the next comment:
“Would be a shame for Faux News and other Neo-con affiliates to lose their corporate welfare checks.”

Fox News does lack distinction, but I can always tell when Neo-Con is used in the place of "militant democrat", or worse Jew. It is this attack on the “Neo-Cons” that puts Ron Paul so firmly in the hard left and right. To the left, a “Neo-Con” is anyone who believes in the fight for liberal democracy and freedom. Those “abhorrent Neo-Cons” also happen to support Israel. Which leads right into the hard right, that hates liberal democracy, and the Jews especially. According to right-wing hate groups, it’s the Jews that have subverted American identity to fight a war for the Jews and Israel. Sadly, it is that hatred of Israel, and by proxy the Jews, that fuels this distaste for the Neo-Cons. Ron Paul is a saviors to both crowds.

The Paulians over at “Freedom4um” have taken issue with my piece. One of them even claimed:
“The right wing loves Israel, and so does the far right. Look at quacks like Danconia and Domer and Magician; what do they all have in common? An unreasoning fear and hatred of muslims and a blind love for the SLC (shitty little country)."

I guess this kid has never heard of Pat Buchanan and his ilk in the Republican Party, or right wing groups across Europe like the BNP and its fellow travelers. The hard right does hate Israel and does hate the Jews. The fact that this moron seems to be unaware of such things is enlightening in and of itself.

And NeoCon isn’t often used as a politically correct term for Jew? Well just take a look at Lyndon LaRouche’s “Children of Satan,” a piece that anti-Semite wrote that declared Neocons were “Likudniks” who ran a cabal that was attempting to “take over” the American government. Oddly enough, it was that very same argument that more “mainstream” rightwing and leftwing commentators started to use. So don’t try and tell me there isn’t a correlation between the hard right and left and anti-Semites.