Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Clinton is out to Get Me!

If you love big fat conspiracy theories, get ready for a second helping of one of the 90’s best efforts. “The Clinton’s kill their opponents!” was one of those ridiculous claims made against Bill and Hilary that I assume few people actually believed, but seemed to pop up anytime they were talked about on rightwing programs and amateur Looney websites. From Balloon Juice:
“In a new book alleging a campaign of slander and intimidation orchestrated chiefly by Hillary Clinton, Kathleen Willey points a finger of suspicion at the former first couple for the death of her husband, who was believed to have killed himself."

I knew it was bound to occur, I just didn’t know when. Anyone wronged by the Clinton’s should be putting their efforts into getting her elected; then they can have another 4 years to sell their books and appear on talking head shout fests!

And Clinton should pick crazy old Kucinich as her running mate, so all the UFO nuts can get a little love as well.

Hitchens, Ron Paul, Sean Penn, and Hugo Chavez: All in One Post!

Another great piece by Christopher Hitchens. Here is a part of it:
“We have fairly convincing evidence that a majority of Afghans do not, at the very least, oppose the presence of NATO forces on their soil. The signs of progress are slight but definite, having mainly to do with the return of millions of refugees and an improvement in the lives of women. There are some outstanding stupidities, such as the attempt to spray the opium poppies, but in general the West has behaved decently, and a huge number of Afghans resent the Taliban and its allies if only on the purely nationalist ground that it represents a renewed attempt to turn Afghanistan into a Pakistani colony, as it was before 2001.

I mention all this because there is no way to argue that the Taliban, either local or imported, is the product of some grievance or injustice or root cause. Its gangs are, instead, primitive fanatics making war on a Muslim society. And they are not there only because "we" are there. We know this because, long before "we" got there, they were in effective control of large parts of the place and had turned a terrorized and stultified land into a springboard and incubator for transnational nihilism. Bad as things may be now, they were infinitely worse when we ourselves were being isolationist.

More true than ever, especially seeing that Ron Paul pulled in an incredible amount in fundraising bucks day. Isolationists will always find comfort in times of international conflict, but that angst is no reason to bow out of the world at large.

Also from Slate, and brought to my attention recently by the Poor Mouth and Bob from Brockley, is the drive by Hollywood types to be part of Hugo’s “revolution.” From Anne Applebaum:
“True, the Russian revolution itself is no longer much admired, not even by Reed's heirs on the far left. But the impulse that drew Reed to St. Petersburg remains. The Western weakness for other people's revolutionary violence, the belief in the glamour and benevolence of foreign dictators, and the insistence on seeing both through the prism of Western political debates are still very much with us.

Exhibit A is, of course, Campbell. Though better known for her taste in shoes than her opinions about Latin American economics, she nevertheless pitched up in Caracas last week, gushing about the "love and encouragement" President Chávez pours into his welfare programs. Wearing what a Venezuelan newspaper called "a revolutionary and exquisite white dress from the prestigious Fendi fashion house," she praised the country for its "large waterfalls." Of course, Campbell did not mention the anti-Chávez demonstrations held in Caracas the week before her visit, proposed constitutional changes designed to let Chávez remain in power indefinitely, or Chávez's record of harassing opposition leaders or the media.”

Monday, November 05, 2007

The Left/Right Split on Islamic Totalitarianism

(A microcosm of idiots, all in one room)

After Islamo-Fascism Awareness week took place at a number of universities across the States, a particular and necessary divide became apparent in the blogosphere between liberal opponents of Islamic totalitarianism, and some right wing factions. This “battle within” has been a long time coming, and I am pleased to see it discussed. Here were two striking examples, both of which were brought to light at Little Green Footballs.

1. At Michigan State University, Nick Griffin, the leader of the British National Party, was brought to campus for a speech denouncing Islam during Islamo-Fascism awareness week by the campus chapter of Young Americans for Freedom. Griffin was not invited to speak for IFAW, but he was noticeably invited to speak during it.

David Horowitz came out swinging against the addition of a clear racist and anti-Semite to his week of events. He said: “Bringing a neo-Nazi and Jew-hater to campus in connection with Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week would be worse than counterproductive. It’s antithetic to the purpose of the event which is designed to expose Nazis and Jew haters. Any attempt to associate me with this creep is a malicious misrepresentation of my efforts.” He added that his organization sponsored no event at Michigan State.

Your general group of leftists said this about the event.
“what Horowitz does paves the way for even more extreme views to be expressed and tolerated — and to blur the line between an important discussion about threats to our nation and blatant expressions of hatred.” - Nada Zohdy

Spoken like a true totalitarian! We should make sure no controversial figure ever appears on our campus, because it will spawn chaos! What a giant moron folks like Zohdy truly are. I would NEVER support Griffin, but I would also never ban any individual from speaking, regardless of how moronic they are. For anyone who believes in the rights of the individual over a religious order and yet jumps in bed with the same old bag of tricks on the European right, is a fool or a liar as far as I am concerned. You stand for the rights of the individual or you don’t in this regard, and the racist right has no interest in such things.

Horowitz is hardly in the realm of people like racists in the BNP and he had some harsh words for those who hosted this event. But it goes to show that simply because you are opposed to Islamic totalitarianism doesn’t make you an ally worth having. Standing up to groups like the BNP should be on the agenda for true liberals who also oppose theocratic fascism.

And surprise, surprise: this group of college Republicans also love Ron Paul and Pat Buchannan! Who would have thought?

2. The second recent development has been the surprising anger and distaste that many in the Neocon camp have expressed for the Vlaams Belang political party in Belgium. The party includes a number of anti-Semites and holocaust deniers, as well as your standard right wing nationalist nut case.

My father is Flemish, and most of his family still lives in Flanders. When I visited them in the summer of 03, the group’s previous attempt at entering electoral politics (the Flemish Block, or Vlaams Blok) was on its way to getting banned by the Belgian government for being in contempt of the 1981 Belgian law on racism and xenophobia. A few slight cosmetic changes were made, and in 2004, Vlaams Belang came into existence.

To see such a right wing party pick up speed so quickly in my father’s homeland was a bit unnerving to me at the time, and I brought up the issue with any of my family who could speak English. Not surprisingly, none of them said they supported Vlaams Blok, but they all said they knew why they were gaining ground so quickly. The group was willing to address issues that the traditional social-democrats were not willing; mainly that of immigration. The PC atmosphere that had been upheld was falling apart, and the liberal political parties were unwilling to change, and the far-right capitalized and continues to.

Unlike the waves of leftist protesters that see no problem aligning themselves with theocratic right-wing groups to further their goal of opposing the United States and Israel, I will not get into bed with racists and extremists just because we both fear the Islamists.

LGF had this to say concerning VB and other right wing groups:
“LGF is as anti-jihad as anyone on the web; but I do not accept that we’ve reached the point where we should embrace these kinds of people as allies, simply because they’re hitching a ride on the bandwagon and saying the right things when the spotlight is on them.

I’m in this fight because I believe in personal freedom and liberty.”

Well said. The enemies of liberty come in a countless ideologies, but they all share the same naked hatred in one variety or another.