Friday, September 21, 2007

Fear the Foreigner - Race Baiting

Monday through Wednesday is Korean “Thanksgiving” (I think that is what it breaks down to…I haven’t been given a good explanation as to its significance…), and I thought I would post a few Korean related pieces.

Before coming to Korea, I had heard that Korean’s had a love/hate relationship when it came to the foreigners working in their country. I was told that as a foreign teacher, I would be treated with little respect and that common misconceptions and racist assumptions would make it difficult to make genuine friends.

Thankfully, I have not yet experienced a single act of distaste or racism by any individual I have run into. I am sure there are some assholes out here just waiting to dispel my na├»ve comfort, but I imagine I can just as easily find morons in the States, so it won’t change the fact that most people are genuinely nice and polite here.

Having said that, there are some pretty disparaging caricatures of Westerners used in the media and by politicians during campaign seasons. There was a recent “20/20” like expose that painted foreign teachers as womanizing drunkards who had no respect for Korean society.

Here are some comic panels that I recently came across that represent some of the more common stereotypes foreign teachers’ receive:

“If I stay in my hometown working at WalMart, no girls will ever talk to me.”

Because the minimum qualification required to work in Korea is a BA, there are a slew of teachers that have little experience and classroom know-how. Undoubtedly, there are some bad teachers around who should never have gotten their jobs to begin with. These poor teachers breed the perception that all foreign teachers are people who simply could not make it in their home country.

“We love you foreigner teacher!”

This is probably the biggest fear generated by conservative politicians and old people: that Korean women will date westerners and that “the West” has subverted Korea’s national identity. It would be a disgrace to have the nation’s pure Korean bloodline tampered with!

Korean young people do seem to have an interest in American pop-culture, and that may benefit foreign men when it comes to dating, but I personally don’t understand the fear some people have of this. All the young Korean male teachers I work with are married to attractive nice women, so it doesn’t seem like they are being left out in the cold by these Westerners.

Race baiting is a popular tactic used by any idiot whose argument has no real leg to stand on.

“When I came to Korea in 2000, I only had 200,000 Won, but now I have 5,000,000,000 won because I found a rich housewife.”

Your basic Xenophobia: foreigners are leaching off of our society and our nation’s wealth. The message has been reproduced in countless languages in just about every country on earth at one point.

Oddly enough, I kind of like the comics! They have a “Crumb” kind of flair to them, and I am interested to see what other stereotypes and prejudices the artist can come up with.

UCSC – Most Socialist Campus in America? - Part 2

I wrote a piece concerning David Horowitz calling UCSC the worst university in America a week or so back. Here is a video of Horowitz defending his position, and includes a number of shots of Cowell College which I happily worked at for more than 4 years at.

I personally think Horowitz is correct in his assessment of the New-Left and the way it has created a stranglehold on academia, but I also have a problem with his “Academic Bill of Rights” that claims to alleviate the problem.

The 60's

A great discussion concerning the 60’s on the Charlie Rose show from a few weeks back.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Yep, that Tazer Incident

I think John Stewart put it best:

“The entire situation is a combination of police over reaction, and student douche-baggery.”

What else can I say? If you watch the entire video of this asshole at the University of Florida known as Andrew Meyer (who will here on be referred to as “the biggest douche in the universe”) you see that the guy was a complete idiot and one people cheered to have removed from the room. Some may question whether it was acceptable for a handful of security guards to tazer the moron, but I personally believe any officer of the law should not be forced to put their body on the line when it comes to disgruntled individuals like this. Regardless of what some leftists claim, the tazer is an acceptable tool to use when dealing with violent individuals.

Sadly, this moron likely has a career writing for the Daily Kos, and I almost expect him to show up on every news outlet that is looking to cash in on this dumb ass story. The guy thought he was going to be killed by the government for crying out loud (just watch the end of the video, it is rather enlightening…)! Just one crazy man who is getting his 15 minutes of fame.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

2008 – Zany Third Parties, Part 2!

Last week, I posted a piece about some of the Third Party candidates that will be running for President this coming election, and I focused primarily on groups that would describe themselves as “conservative” or to the “right.” Today, I will drop in on some of the left wing candidates and their attempts at taking the White House.

First on my list, is the ever so persistent Green Party. Believe it or not, I actually worked for these folks in 2000 when I helped run Ralph Nader’s campaign in the Imperial Valley. Like the Libertarian’s, the party actually has real support amongst certain sectors of the community, and many of its members could easily fit into the left wing of the Democratic Party. They hold a number of local electoral seats across the country, so that automatically puts them on a different level than some of the other groups I have touched upon. According to their website:
"Greens emphasize environmentalism, decentralization and local autonomy, in keeping with a commitment to non-hierarchical participatory democracy. The party platform states a number of social justice positions, including support for a federally funded commitment to end poverty."

Your basic New-Left position and one I catch myself agreeing with from time to time. As for their potential candidates…

Elaine Brown

Maybe it is because the Green Party is the biggest left-wing party in America (if you exclude the Democrats), but they sure have been picking up a lot of Black Nationalist leaders recently. Elaine Brown is a prison activist, former chairperson of the Black Panther Party, and all around angry leftist. She recently called Colin Powell, Chris Rock, and Oprah Winfrey “New Age House Negros.” Come on Mrs. Brown, tell us what you really think! You are not going to pick up the housewife vote if you piss on their golden god known as Oprah.

Cynthia McKinney

Yep, this moron may very well run for office under the Green Party banner. If that happens, I will surely lose any sympathy I had left for the Greens.

While she has not declared her candidacy as of yet, she has made gestures towards seeking the Green’s nomination. McKinney attended the California Green Party strategy retreat in Sonoma, California, where she was the keynote speaker. When asked what color her parachute would be in 08, she responded, "it's not red and it's not blue."

I only hope that this pro-dictator, anti-Semite, conspiracy theorist, and all around idiot doesn’t get the Green’s endorsement.

UPDATE – One day after I wrote this piece, McKinney withdrew her name from the pool of candidate’s vying for the Green slot. I like to think the piece that I had written but never published was what stopped her.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Hey Ma, I’m on TV! That will show Bush!

Over at “Observation’s of an Iraqi Exile,” there is a nice report of the protest held in DC this last week where almost 200 individuals were arrested. Iraqpundit was looking to find other Iraqis in the crowd, but could find none. He/she wrote this telling paragraph:

"What I did see was a loud crowd of people wearing badges that said "Impeach Cheney First" and who held signs that said "End the war now," as though it could be switched off like an iPod.

How I wish that were possible. It's true that some U.S. soldiers have been guilty of some horrid stuff, that they've killed innocent people, and raped and humiliated Iraqis. But I also know the majority of murdered Iraqis were intentionally killed by the so-called insurgents, by AQI, and by the Iran-backed militias. These and other killers aren't going to respond to a humanitarian anti-war plea. But I'm certain that they all enjoyed watching the TV footage of the march."