Tuesday, July 10, 2007

McCain in Trouble

There is no other way to put it: John McCain is in serious trouble. I am an ardent supporter of McCain’s run for the presidency, but I must say it is getting harder to throw money and effort behind him. My only hope is that the most recent shake up in his campaign will bring about a more accountable and focused effort then we have seen in the last year.

But the darn honest truth is that it is McCain’s support for immigration reform will kill his chance of picking up the Republican nomination. I kept hearing throughout the day that if McCain changed his stance on Iraq, and stood for a realistic re-deployment strategy (which I would not be apposed to) he would be able to regain Republican support. The truth is all of the Republican frontrunners already share his position on the war; it won’t mean a thing if he changes his position now as far as they are concerned.

Immigration reform is killing McCain, and I don’t know if he can recover from it.

I also feel that the Democrats are fueling this media discontent directed against McCain. They know that a principled candidate from the center is going to hurt them in a general election, and they are gunning for him. Giuliani has enough skeletons in his closet that he is a preferable opponent to McCain who may still be able to adjust his policy on Iraq to make him a desirable candidate. But McCain’s support for the amnesty and a reasonable immigration policy will damn him to the Republican base, and even though his bill has died, it will haunt him through the primaries. There is just no escaping that “disgrace” in the eyes of our nativist party members.

The mountain of bad news McCain accrued today forced me to financially contribute once more to his campaign, simply because I want to make it clear that his centrist policies are still the right direction our country should be taking, and I am willing to stand by him even when the odds seem insurmountable. At one point, I am going to have to stop throwing money at his campaign if I feel it can not realistically win, but for the time being, I feel the necessity to put money where my mouth is and support the disciplined candidate in the Republican race.

Hott 4 Hillary

I love the modern era. Anyone may now add their two cents through blogging, podcasts, or in this case, music videos.

Almost makes me want to vote for Hillary. Almost.

Monday, July 09, 2007

God Bless Yuma

I take back everything I have every said about Yuma, Arizona. Their sheriffs department is one of the most level headed groups out there.