Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Farewell Tony

I have been busy finishing my current job and preparing to leave and work as an English teacher overseas the last few weeks, and hence have not posted frequently lately.

Tony Blair has not officially ended his run as Prime Minister, stepping aside and letting Gordon Brown take over as leader of the Labour Party. I for one am going to miss Tony, and I only wish we would have had a politician more like him leading our nation during the last few years.

Blair took a socialist Labour Party and pulled it kicking and screaming into the modern era, while still maintaining its humanitarian and democratic world view. While I am a libertarian at heart, I have no problem giving support to market centered social democrats like Blair, and I would have categorically voted with the New Labour in Britain if I had been a citizen.

While Blair’s domestic policy furthered his nation’s stature in the world by making it more competitive and modernized, he will undoubtedly be remembered for his decision to invade Iraq. While George Bush ran around the State telling American’s that you were “with us, or against us”, Blair made the humanitarian argument needed to persuade the democratic left and right that the right’s of the Iraqi people trumped the sovereignty of Saddam’s regime. Bush would have been able to hold more support for the war if he was capable of explaining its justification and ramifications like Tony Blair.

So farewell Tony, I hope someone like you fills your shoes soon.