Thursday, May 10, 2007

The Nativist Right: At it Again

It was only a matter of time before folks on the hard nativist right found a way to make the recent terrorist incident have to do with illegal immigration. Michelle Malkin at TownHall:
“Just hard-working, "undocumented citizens" plotting the plots and laughing at the anti-American atrocities ordinary Americans wouldn't laugh at, yeah? If they had only laid low a few extra months, they might have gotten that illegal alien amnesty President Bush and Congress are so eager to hand out.

Eight years ago, at the Clinton administration's behest, this nation welcomed refugees escaping a genocidal regime whose military spread fear and brutalized its people. Eight years later, we have a homegrown jihad plot targeting a base that symbolizes the best, the brightest and the most compassionate our military has to offer.”

I have always had a problem with some portions of the “border security” crowd. They undoubtedly have radical racist elements within their ranks, nut it isn’t until a case like this that you get to see how stupid many of their arguments really are.
Obviously these 6 men were scum who intended to kill Americans simply for being, and yes, 3 of them were illegally here. But how about the other 3 that went through legal avenues to get here? Heck, one of them was a citizen! So folks like Malkin develop a new theory they would like to put into practice that doesn’t have to do with folks hopping over a border near Mexico: stop those foreigners from coming here altogether! That will stop terrorism right? Sure, I guess they were refuges, but can we really trust those folks from the East (or South, or wherever for that matter).

Do not be fooled; the nativist right doesn’t want anyone here. They may talk like moderates when it comes to immigration reform but their true wish and desire is as clear as Pat Buchanan when he rails against Mexicans coming to America:

"In the next 50 years, the Third World will grow by the equivalent of 30 to 40 new Mexicos. If you go to the end of the century, the white and European population is down to about three percent. This is what I call the death of the West. I see the nations dying when the populations die. I see the civilization dying. It is under attack in our own countries, from our own people."

It doesn’t get much more racist than that. We do have to reform our immigration policies, and we do have to enforce our borders. But we also need to accept that demographics change, especially in a country like ours that does not have an “ethnic identity”.