Saturday, April 07, 2007

Take that Quarterly Financial Reports!

So my quarterly billing reports were due for work last night at midnight, and I feel a great deal of relief now that they are done.

Speaking of financial reports, it looks as if my candidate of choice is lagging in both the polls and the race for the bling:
“Republican Mitt Romney reported Monday he had raised $23 million for his presidential campaign during the first three months of the year, shaking up the GOP field. Sen. John McCain of Arizona lagged with $12.5 million raised.

McCain, at one point considered the Republican to beat, acknowledged he had "hoped to do better" in the first quarter of the year, although his campaign manager, Terry Nelson, said in a statement: "Fundraising in the first quarter is no more important than fundraising throughout the entire primary election campaign."

I have a hard time believing Giuliani will receive the Republican nomination, and at this moment in time, I feel McCain is competing with him for the same pool of money. Both candidates are vying for the moderate Republican vote, and the race is too big for 2 of them. My only hope is that McCain can pick up some needed speed in the next 6 months; if he doesn’t raise a lot more money and pick up a lot more support, his candidacy is doomed.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Ever So Tired

Endless amounts of work have forced me away from posting daily as of late. That will hopefully change soon…