Friday, March 30, 2007

Anti Bush Boobs

I don’t agree with the sentiment, but I respect her “courage”...

(Via Zombietime)

Monday, March 26, 2007

McCain’s Straight Talk Express

Matt Lewis has a glowing review of John McCain’s “Straight Talk Express” up at Townhall.
“McCain displayed the energy and intensity of someone half his age. The entire day, save for maybe 5 minutes, he was “on the record” and under the microscope. Even during “lunch,” he choked down a grilled hotdog with mustard in the back of the bus, while we “grilled” him about campaign finance reform.”

I am looking forward to seeing it roll into my neck of the woods. Compared to Clinton’s stiff and calculating approach, and Obama’s unease in stating his positions, McCain’s stumping looks promising. Not that eloquence and honesty matter a whole lot in political campaigning.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

McCain: Hold Firm on Realistic Immigration Reform

There is no doubt that John McCain is trailing other candidates concerning the Republican nomination. The two campaign points that have made McCain so appealing to me are also his biggest liabilities: immigration and the war in Iraq. Unfortunately, it also looks like John is looking to secure his conservative base by pandering to nonsensical immigration activists on the right.

“Then McCain, who has favored allowing some illegal immigrants to become citizens without leaving the U.S., indicated that to get legislation passed, he was willing to look more closely at a proposal that would require them to return to their native country before applying for citizenship.

The proposal by GOP Rep. Mike Pence, a conservative from Indiana, is not one McCain has been open to in the past. But it is one that could help him score points with the conservatives he needs to become the Republican nominee.”

Say it aint so John. No one doubts the need for some type of reform at the boarder, but to expect field workers across the country to return to their country of origin to pick up legal residency papers is nonsense. It will never happen and it is flagrantly retarded. McCain is known for being a straight shooter who will stand up for what is right, regardless of its political ramifications. To see him sway towards the nativist right will hopefully not become a mainstay of his campaign, or I will be forced to abandon his campaign.