Thursday, January 11, 2007

Member of Looney Left “Thanks” Troops

An individual has posted this comment at Indybay Santa Cruz:
“Dear Young Marine,

I sincerely hope that the glorious Iraqi resistance kills you in the most painful, miserable fashion possible. I hope that all of those that love you cry for the rest of their pathetic lives.

You are in a volunteer military force and you are volunteering to support an operation of child rape against 100% innocent people. Article VI of the Constitution shows clearly that this war is illegal, and you have been instructed to never follow illegal orders.

Therefore you are a criminal. Furthermore, you are an armed and dangerous criminal that is clearly incapabale of making moral choices ... in other words, you are a sociopath.

The family members and friends who coddle you are just as responsible for mass murder as you are. When my ex-brother came to me and said he was going to enlist, he ceased to be my brother - now and forever. When I see his bombed, dead carcass on TV, I will do a victory dance for the Iraqi people.

The fact that you are stupid and brainwashed means NOTHING to me. If I saw an innocent person being beaten and raped on the street, how many moments would you suggest I consider the attackers socioeconomic background and level of indoctrination? What if the innocent person were your mother? What then? Hmmm? You would want me to sit there and ponder all the sad reasons the rapist became the rapist? Or would you want me to kill the rapist on the spot - if that's what was necessary to stop the attack?

I hope you fucking die.”

How touching. With friends like this, who needs enemies?

Strongmen 'R' Us

Forget all the left wing totalitarians that supported Saddam, a number of vocal right wing critics have been calling for the same totalitarian practices to be used to win this war and secure Iraq. Via American Footprints:

“Appropos of my ongoing discussion regarding the endorsement of Saddam-like brutality as a means to succeed in Iraq (a meme that is all the rage in Republican and right wing circles as of late), Josh Trevino pens an ode to the good old days. A dewey eyed reminiscence of a simpler era:

History never offers exact parallels, but it does have useful lessons. In assessing manning needs for Iraq, one would do well to look to prior conflicts of similar nature… one might look especially to the Boer War, in which a fractious, semi-fanatical culture was slowly ground into submission by an occupying force — several years after the seeming success of the initial invasion. If it sounds familiar, it should: and so the means of victory there offer an instructive thought experiment for Iraq today.

Make no mistake: those means were cruel. I have stated previously that I endorse cruel things in war — to eschew them is folly. The British achieved victory over the Boers by taking their women and children away to concentration camps, by laying waste to the countryside, and by dotting the veld with small garrisons in blockhouses at regular intervals. The men who remained were hindered in their movements by the wire stretching from blockhouse to blockhouse (a phenomenon that the Morice Line experience has shown would be massively more effective now); they could either surrender or die. Absent women and children, the rules of engagement were lax. From implementation to victory took under 18 months...

Consider the Boer-era strategy for victory as it might apply in Iraq.

More concentration camps, barbed wire and free-fire zones? Faster please? Saddam would be so proud.

This is not to say that I don’t think the rules of engagement must change; the military has had one hand tied behind its back for far too long. But to argue that another totalitarian dictator is going to justify the lives of all those men and women who have fought for Iraqi democracy is a disgrace and an insult.

Monday, January 08, 2007

Sleep to Impeach?

Yet another reason why protesting in the United States is becoming completely pointless.

“Photos from the San Francisco Beach Impeach! Project”

Since the first protest I attended some 11 years ago, I have realized that it serves an emotional component in all of us more than it actually accomplishes anything politically. At best, violence will break out and your “cause” will be played on the 10 o’clock news. At worse, 30 folks show up and no one gives a damn. Neither of these results changes the status quo one bit.

This ‘Beach Impeach’ thing is no different. It may be nice to get together with folks who share a similar view, but as long as this kind of nonsense dominates the left, there is no hope for any political change from their ranks.

This type of event produces nil.

The inevitable question that comes up when you question someone’s protest tactics is ”What are you doing to remove GWB?" Well, nothing. I don’t think impeachment is going to change anything, and it only serves a few leftist radicals that will feel vindicated by it.

More on this event at Indymedia Watch. Plus, that story has a picture of Screech.

Photos via Indybay and ReZz