Thursday, March 01, 2007

Pray for the Red Shirts

I have been watching a lot of Classic Star Trek late at night, and I have developed a profound respect for all those Red Shirts what unknowingly walk into death in nearly every episode.

In the episode last night, “The Devil in the Dark”, an unnamed Red Shirt gets cooked by the Horta (some silicon based alien, or something). It didn’t seem like a nice way to go, I will tell you that much. And it all got me thinking about the cosmic forces working within the Star Trek Universe.

Star Trek takes place in a utopian future where racism, sexism, and class divisions have all but disappeared on Earth and throughout most of the galaxy. It is a beautiful picture of what human beings could accomplish if they dropped all the bullshit we have carried with us through the ages.

And yet, anyone who works on the Security Team (the Red Shirts), inevitably end up worm food; while all members of the bridge live on to take part in other adventures. So what’s up Star Trek God; why do you hate the working man?


Anonymous said...

those poor red shirts, even future seasons of star trek didn't spare them their fate!

jams o donnell said...

From redcoats to red shits... cannon fodder all! The original series is still a very enjoyable watch 40 years on

Roland Dodds said...

Perhaps when the show first aired, people didn’t recognize that the guy wearing red was inevitably going to die that episode. Now when I watch them take the screen, I just start laughing! It seems like Captain Kirk should have put two and two together.

Anonymous said...

Remember we were in the cold war big time during that period... I would think it was a veiled reference to the communists.... REDS.

It didn't take all that long to see that it was the red shirts that were toast. I remember seeing the originals.