Monday, February 12, 2007

Tyra Banks: Please Shut Up

I know Tyra Banks really wants to become the next Oprah, but her “moral outrage” concerning women and body image has taken a new stupid low on one of her recent programs that dealt with teenagers in the sex business.

That was just one part, and clearly it was something everyone could be outraged about. An underage girl becoming a prostitute is a tragic story; perfect fodder for a talk show. Some of the other segments were a bit less sympathetic to Tyra’s self righteousness, such as this one.

I have no doubt that “Sasha Grey” has some issues she needs to deal with, but for Banks to act like she is some “feminist guardian” who stands up for “positive women role models” is laughable at best. This is a woman who STILL has a reality television program using teenagers as models. A show that pushes the same negative stereotypes on young girls; its contestants’ are young women who surely have issues with their own body images. Yet, she gets on her high horse about a women doing porn? I am sorry Tyra, you are no Oprah, and you don’t have the moral authority to condemn young women for going into a similar industry that you have profited from. If she had real balls, she would condemn the entire modeling industry, but that would require biting the hand that has feed her so well all these years.

So please Tyra: speak out against this ENTIRE industry, or shut the hell up.


Mark said...

God damn that Sasha Grey’s agent looks like a slim ball

Roland Dodds said...

No doubt. He looks like a character in a Ricky Gervais show.

I think a lot of people go into denial when it comes to the choices they make. Sasha Grey seems to be one of them, but I will also say, she makes 150,000 bucks a year. That doesn’t make her job desirable or honorable, but to have folks say that what she does is not “rational” is insane. This women makes more than my entire family, and if she really does enjoy what she does….then fuck!

She is 18, and since I feel I have changed a great deal since my 18th birthday, I can see that she may feel differently about her actions when she gets older. But then again, maybe she wont. Hell if I know.

All I know is Tyra Banks is a bloody hypocrite.

jams o donnell said...

You’ve been tagged

Anonymous said...

i wish she'd shut up with the phony presidential candidate interviews. she doesn't have a clue when it comes to matters political and just needs to stop pretending that she does. of course the followers (edwards and clinton) have been on since obama's appearance back in november (?), but enough is enough already. the sh*t is old!

Anonymous said...

Tyra is just another pompous, self-righteous, egomaniacle, idiotic person that had the opportunity to do a talk show and spread her ignorance. The only people that watch those shows are people that agree with her and hang on every word she says. The really legendary talk show hosts will be the ones that stop trying to act like moral philosophers and try to present issues such as Porn, body image, etc... in a neutral way. That way their topics could expand and actually be thought provoking, NOT thought providing. Tell us your opinion, fine, after all the show is named after you, but at least offer some counter argument and dont just condemn that which you dont understand. Tyra Banks is a fool. I hope her career, he close minded life, her ignorant message, and most of her audience come to an untimely end.