Monday, January 08, 2007

Sleep to Impeach?

Yet another reason why protesting in the United States is becoming completely pointless.

“Photos from the San Francisco Beach Impeach! Project”

Since the first protest I attended some 11 years ago, I have realized that it serves an emotional component in all of us more than it actually accomplishes anything politically. At best, violence will break out and your “cause” will be played on the 10 o’clock news. At worse, 30 folks show up and no one gives a damn. Neither of these results changes the status quo one bit.

This ‘Beach Impeach’ thing is no different. It may be nice to get together with folks who share a similar view, but as long as this kind of nonsense dominates the left, there is no hope for any political change from their ranks.

This type of event produces nil.

The inevitable question that comes up when you question someone’s protest tactics is ”What are you doing to remove GWB?" Well, nothing. I don’t think impeachment is going to change anything, and it only serves a few leftist radicals that will feel vindicated by it.

More on this event at Indymedia Watch. Plus, that story has a picture of Screech.

Photos via Indybay and ReZz


Charley IMC said...

What is wrong with people getting together and celebrating the coming end of this crappy president?

Or would you like another 4 years of this shit?

Anonymous said...

Why work towards change when you can act like an idiot?