Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Political Prisoners? Give me a Break!

Sgt. John V. Young, murdered by members of the Black Liberation Army.

Last week, a number of men who were connected to a Black Panther splinter group in the 60s were arrested for a murder committed in 1971. In true form, Indybay started to rally against their “unjust” arrests. They then furthered the biggest misnomer about groups like the Panthers: that they have been arrested for political reasons and claiming this is a "witch hunt". Indybay furthers this argument by stating their “prosecution is based on vengeance and hate from the '60s”.

I can make this real simple: when you gun down a police officer who was simply working the secretarial desk, you have crossed the line between activist and common thug. I don’t care how many Maoist one-liners were going through these guys’ heads when they pulled the trigger, I doesn’t change the fact that the act was done in cold blood.

Political dissidents in China and Moscow, who are arrested and tortured for nothing more than speaking against the government, are political prisoners. American “activists” and revolutionaries who kill and destroy for the sake of their ideology are violent criminals. If you believe the American government and its laws are unjust and decide to overthrow them through force, don’t hide behind a tag like “political prisoner”. You end up looking like an idiot.


jamsodonnnell said...

totally OT Roland is the Slavnka Drakulic How we survived communism good? I read her account of the Hague trials "They wouldn't hurt a fly" and was very impressed

Roland Dodds said...

Jams, I found it to be one of her best sets of essays. Definitely depressing stuff, but also uplifting. It was a book folks like my mother could enjoy, even thought she has little interest in reading politics or history.