Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Move over Batman and Robin

It is the news of the day, but I am still surprised that France and Britain discussed uniting in the 50s. It sounds like something out of a fictional/historical spy drama. Via the Independent:

“Fifty years ago today (let us say) the French and British parliaments reached their historic decision to merge two proud nations into one. Two declining countries, shaken by world wars, communism, rock 'n' roll and the loss of empire, decided to create a European superpower with the young Queen Elizabeth II of Britain ¬ La Reine Elisabeth I of France ¬ as head of state.”

I would love to hear how such a union would have been organized and implemented. It seems like the most unlikely duo. More is available at the Poor Mouth.

Speaking of unlikely duos, what does a giant rabbit and Kim Jon-Ill have to do with each other? Simply Jews has some info on that dynamic duo!

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jams o donnell said...

Thanks for the plug Roland. To be honest I don't think the would have lasted that long if it managed to come into being in the first place.. it would have been over many dead bodies so to speak!

For a French PM it must have been the "nuclear option" things must have been really bad in France even to consider such an move.