Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Chavez: Blowing it Big Time

Thanks to Hugo Chavez’s UN General Assembly speech a few months back, Venezuela has lost in their bid for a Security Council seat.

I don’t like Chavez; generally due to his disregard for free speech and democratic principles, so I didn’t shed a tear when I learned that Venezuela’s bid for a SC spot was shot in the foot. What should have been a rather easy bid for the seat was blown thanks to Hugo’s over-the-top performances. This failure to get his nation a seat on the UN Security Council should be a reminder to all politicians who run their mouths unnecessarily. Sure, plenty of folks around the world think George Bush is an evil guy, but that does not make saying so a good idea for a head of state. Chavez was playing to his “base”: individuals world-wide who hate Bush and the United States in general. You may get some applause in certain circles, but his nation’s goals and objectives end up thwarted.

I find it amusing that Chavez acts as a left-leaning version of President Bush. Both men often make comments that are way off-base and end up hurting their own administrations in the process. So a little advice to both men: think before you speak and stop pandering to your supporters. You represent entire nations of people, with varying ideologies and beliefs, and both of you best start acting like it.