Friday, August 04, 2006

Was there any doubt?

Another great post over at Simply Jews on the hazards of modern tourism:

“IRAN'S involvement in the Middle East crisis emerged last night after four of its soldiers were killed fighting Israel in Lebanon.

The elite Revolutionary Guards' bodies were ferried in secret from the frontline.

It was damning evidence Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is deeply involved in pulling the strings in Hezbollah's war with Israel.”

Worst Episode Ever

According to the BBC, in a poll they conducted in 2002, the most popular song in the world is “A Nation Once Again” by the Wolfe Tones.

But more importantly, the song “Who Let the Dogs Out?” received two votes.

How that classic didn’t rank higher is beyond me.

Pure Class

I can’t help it, I must post this image. It was a sign outside a strip club near the San Diego Convention Center, which recently hosted the International Comic Book Convention.

Notice that the event was hosted by Wolverine. A room full of comic geeks, strippers, and a dude dressed as Wolverine.


a fundamental question

Sorry for the utter lack of posts recently. I have been swamped at work these last two weeks. Anyhow…

Mike Adams over at Town Hall as a controversial piece up titled “Jon Benet Ramsey in Daisy Dukes”, that I find myself generally agreeing with. Children today are definitely over-sexualized, sometimes to the point where it should be described as abuse. You can read the whole thing here.
“In the nearly ten years since Jon Benet Ramsey’s death, I’ve spent little time pondering the identity of that little girl’s murderer. I’ve known the answer to that question for years. And so have you. But one time several years ago - during the height of the media coverage of the case - I did hear one interesting assertion about the parents of Jon Benet Ramsey; namely, that there was absolutely no evidence they had ever sexually abused their little girl.

When I heard the assertion that there was “absolutely no evidence” of sexual abuse of Jon Benet Ramsey, I immediately recalled a picture of the little girl when she was around the age of four. She was wearing a brightly colored strapless dress that matched her brightly colored lipstick. Her makeup was as heavy as that of any hooker or drag queen in San Francisco.

This begs a fundamental question: Are we sexually abusing our little girls when we dress them up to look like prostitutes? Of course, I would submit that we are.”

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

For All to See

As many of you know, I also post at Indymedia Watch, so it may be a bit odd to link to a post presented at that website. However, one of the other writes there recently posted a video that I think all folks should watch; one that presents the reality that is extreme Islamic theocracy. I recommend it highly.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

The World Apparently Can Wait

When you read a headline like “Bakersfield rocked by World Can't Wait anti-theocracy demonstration!”, you would think some type of massive protest occurred that threw the city of Bakersfield into a Socialist revolution. Upon closer inspection…

I am sure it will take years for Bakersfield to recover from such a rocking!

Saving = Racism?

This is a bit too funny to completely take in:

Are you salting away a little money for your retirement? Trying to plan for your kids' education? If so, Seattle Public Schools seems to think you're a racist.

According to the district's official Web site, "having a future time orientation" (academese for having long-term goals) is among the "aspects of society that overtly and covertly attribute value and normality to white people and Whiteness, and devalue, stereotype and label people of color."


Not all the district's definitions of racism (and there are lots of them) are so cryptic. The site goes on immediately to say, "Emphasizing individualism as opposed to a more collective ideology" is another form of "cultural racism." - Andrew J. Coulson

The consequences of an Israeli defeat would be ugly

REVIEW & OUTLOOK, The Wall Street Journal, August 1, 2006
"Israel does not deliberately target civilians, much less children. They were hit in Qana because Hezbollah operates near civilians to use them as a shield and to exploit such tragedies as to turn world opinion against Israel. Hezbollah has been the consistent and flagrant violator of international law throughout this conflict–deliberately targeting Israeli civilians with shrapnel-filled missiles, fighting out of uniform, and hiding among Lebanese civilians and helpless U.N. peacekeepers.

If these and other tactics remind you of al Qaeda and the insurgents in Iraq, they should. They are the reality of today’s asymmetrical terrorist methods, and their success in Lebanon will only mean the further spread of those methods against others in the Mideast and beyond."

Winds of Change

I should not be surprised that a favorite politician among the Indymedia crowd is Cynthia McKinney. Her self righteous, style-before-substance approach to politics is a perfect reflection of many pseudo and far left activists.

Now that McKinney has a viable opponent in this coming primary, her supporters are going on the attack.

What follows is a rambling number of points made my McKinney’s father, claiming that Hank Johnson’s campaign is nothing more than a Republican conspiracy.
“It is easy to see that Hank is a darling of the Republicans. Money
makes the mare trot…..was in the GA General Assembly for 30 years and have
seen many things, but nothing like this abandonment of
a senior member.”

The reason McKinney is losing in the eyes of many, is her constant running of the mouth. As Hank clearly states:

“My opponent's record speaks for itself. Her history of controversy is well-known. It suffices to say that she has brought a great deal of negative national attention to her district. The causes she ostensibly serves - justice, peace, and equality - are only discredited by her antics. For every conservative pundit and operative attacking progressives, she has become a ready caricature, useful for discrediting the liberal wing of the Democratic Party. As a progressive trying to restore respect to the cause of progressivism, I have been deeply disheartened by all my opponent has done to make it less mainstream and less viable.”

But knowing McKinney, and Indymedia for that matter, I am sure that if she loses, she will blame her loss on everything but her own personal failure as a representative for her district.

Monday, July 31, 2006

Qana and Today

Over at American Footprints:
“It happened in '96, and it looks like it happened again today. Olmert says that rockets were being fired from there and that the residents had been warned to leave, but obviously Israel doesn't see this as business as usual, as Peretz has already ordered an investigation, and an Israeli government spokeswoman says "Israel takes full responsibility and is going to start an open investigation to find out how this happened."
Nobody remembers anything about the '96 Israel-Hezbollah fighting except for Qana, and to some extent, the same might end up applying this time. No governments anywhere are even going to pay lip service to condemning Hezbollah's human shield policy in the context of this incident; Israel will be blamed entirely. Clearly this is exactly the point of the human shield strategy--provoke a "massacre," incite the whole world against Israel, etc. I don't think it's fair, but that's how it is. I would think that IDF commanders had been saying, "remember '96, so be careful with Qana," but I guess it didn't happen. It'll accelerate pressure on the US to get an unconditional cease-fire, and Hezbollah will come under less pressure from everywhere to disarm and/or desist in maintaining the capability to attack Israel. Terrorism works pretty well sometimes.”

Lieberman vs. Lamont

Out here in Connecticut, the Democratic primary that will take place next week is big news. I can’t go 5 minutes without Lamont’s and Lieberman’s campaigns somehow making their way into my life.

For obvious reasons, this battle between Lieberman and Lamont is a metaphor for the struggles within the Democratic Party as a whole. Joe’s pragmatic and conservative approach, as well as his support for Bush and the war in Iraq has made him terribly unpopular with the left leaning portion of his own party. It is hard to imagine that just 6 years ago, he was the Vice Presidential nominee for the party; now he will be lucky to beat a generally novice opponent.

Peter Brown has an interesting piece up about Lieberman’s potential bid for the White House if he is to lose his the Democratic nomination.
“The most interesting question about the possibility that Connecticut Democrats could deny Sen. Joseph Lieberman renomination is whether that would help or hurt the senator's political prospects, or, for that matter, the Democratic Party's.

That's because even if Lieberman loses the Aug. 8 Democratic primary — and the newest polling data says that is a real possibility — he would be a huge favorite for re-election as an independent come November.

And if that is the case, it would not be hard to write a scenario in which the real loser from a Lieberman defeat to anti-war candidate Ned Lamont might be the Democratic Party itself.

That would especially be the case if Lieberman's good friend Sen. John McCain of Arizona becomes the 2008 Republican presidential nominee and picks Joe as his running mate.

Then, Lieberman, Al Gore's running mate in 2000, would become the only person in American history to have ever run on the national ticket of both parties. And Lieberman on a Republican fusion ticket in 2008 might be a huge GOP asset.”