Saturday, July 08, 2006

Marion Harris - Afraid of You

Another one of my favorites from the Youtube vault. They just don’t make them like this anymore...As one critic said, “Comparing Britney Spears to this, one can clearly see why there is such a thing as "nostalgia for the past".

Friday, July 07, 2006

Superman: Illegal Immigrant

More nonsense concerning “PC” messages in the new Superman film. Bill O’reilly states in his column for Town Hall:
“The original line in the television series and movie, of course, was "truth, justice and the American way." But no way the "American way" gets in the film.”

To be completely factual, the line was originally just “for truth and justice”, the “American Way” bit was added in the 50’s during the Cold War. Not that I have anything wrong with Superman espousing the “American Way”. But let us not forget that Superman belongs to the world; he may work in Metropolis (which was ironically patterned after Toronto in the 30’s), but he has saved all of use from alien invasions and such on countless occasions.

Another comical point that many conservative commentators seem to have missed is that Superman is technically an illegal immigrant. Last time I checked, his starship did not stop at U.S. customs before he crashed into Smalltown. In fact, that makes the Kent’s an accessory to this appalling crime! Someone should call Lou Dobbs…

Bono Pisses off “Venezuelan Solidarity Network”

I came across this story at Indybay this morning:


I could just tell this was going to be rich.

Apparently, Bono’s capital venture group Elevation Partners, had some money involved in the Los Angeles based Pandemic/Bioware Studios Production Company. Pandemic is putting out “Mercenaries 2: World in Flames” which features a fictional mercenary attack on Venezuela.

So let me get this straight: because a company Bono has money invested in worked with a company that produces a fictional videogame, Bono “backs an insidious propaganda campaign”? Seems like a pretty tenuous connection to me.

“The Venezuelan Solidarity Network calls for Bono, who has appealed to the world on many occasions for peace and poverty reduction, to apply those same values to block the manufacture and distribution of this videogame.”

I doubt that blocking this games release will further the cause of peace and poverty reduction, but it may make sense in the fantasy world Indybay resides within.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

And the Winner is…

Looks like Mexico is going to have its own Florida debacle. Re-count, re-count, re-count…
On a positive note, I feel this is one of the more transparent elections in recent Mexican history, with two distinct candidates representing very different ideals and objectives. That bodes well for Mexican democracy.
(photo via AP Photo/Dario Lopez-MIlls )

More on Radical UCSC

Maybe we are beginning to see a shift in Leftist activism on and around the UCSC campus. A number of the posts that have popped up regarding the way radicals treated Denton while she was chancellor make some very convincing arguments.

“Politics is about ideas, not people. I hope you will stop your rhetorical bantering long enough to reflect upon your ad homonym attack not on "institutional racism, but on the character of one of the most effective warriors for acceptance and social justice that we have today. Accept your role in breaking her heart and let it change you forever so that you never again lose sight of the person behind the role. May her face haunt you so that you never again launch such attacks on persons. The only difference between what happened at Columbine and UCSC, in my opinion is that at Columbine the boys who were bullied turned their fire on there persecutors, Dr. Denton turned the fire on herself rather than fire at her tormentors. Be thankful that she was such a woman of honor.” - Dr. J

While I disagree with some of the assertions made in this thread, I find this discussion to be a positive one. Anyone who has lived in Santa Cruz knows that there are a select number of people who spearhead the language and rhetoric that most activists then echo. I hope that when this is all said and done, those individuals will be severely de-powered. If not for the cause of reason, at least for the sake of dignity.

(photo via “UCSC Charged with Disadvantaging Students”)

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

No Responsibility for UCSC Activists

I recently commented on the death of UCSC Chancellor Denice Denton, and how the activist community in Santa Cruz has to bear some responsibility for their actions in making the school an uncomfortable place for those not in the lefty-loop. School and town administrators constantly bare a bulk of this harassment.

Seems like I am not the only one who feels this way.

“I get the feeling that Denton was under a lot of stress, and your protest action certainly played a role in that stress, along with unflattering cartoons and slings and arrows from the public about Pay, and Dog run's etc.

For your part though, I would think you should be apologizing for detaining her for your "skit" and protest action. It is quite self centered and chicken hearted to attack someone like Chancellor Denton on issues like the ones you attacked her for.

If you want to save the world go do a skit in the Lobby of a Federal Building or the Chinese Embassy or something and protest against people who can make some changes. Instead you go for a "soft target" like Denton. You knew she would not react strongly, so you attacked her.

I get the feeling that Denton was more a friend of the underprivileged than you thought she was, and to extract from her the toll of being detained by your skit is really kind sad.” – Paul Sosbee


"“Spin is nothing new in news reporting. If Denice Denton's opponents feel misquoted and abused, imagine what she must have felt.

I found the personal attacks on Denice Denton way out of bounds, and if they contributed to her depression and suicide, I hope all who played any part in those attacks will do some deep soul-searching. There are ways and ways of bringing about change, and ridicule, name-calling, and scapegoating are both unacceptable and ineffective." - Catherine M. Wilson

And my favorite…

“Turnabout has it right. It will be a long time before anyone with any kind of talent and sincere interest in the improving UCSC will consider taking on the chancellor's job. And I believe that while the right wing did its share of the damage, it is the left that should really be ashamed. Who do you think is going to become chancellor? Che? Hugo Chavez? For pity sake, Denise Denton was an out lesbian, a defender of women's rights, opposed to racism, and genuinely devoted to a multicultural perspective. But that wasn't enough -- she had to endure childish "skits", name calling, denigration of her work, etc. The idea that Mr. Sonnenfeld is complaining about "irresponsible" journalism would be funny if it weren't so outrageously infuriating.” – another alum

Of course, our friendly neighborhood activists feel their actions have been misrepresented. How surprising.

I also can’t help but feel that the activists who constantly assailed Denton are now trying to retcon their past actions and statements…

On Flag Burning and Morons

Some people are just down right juvenile. To celebrate the Fourth of July in Santa Cruz, a handful of radicals decided to burn a few American flags at the Seabright beach. Of course, it wouldn’t be a real activist event if you didn’t plaster your small gathering all over the internet to make it look like more than childish attention-getting.

And before someone gets on my case about it, no I do not support an amendment to the Constitution banning the act of burning the flag. Since the ruling would not ban any type of destruction of the flag (for example, I could still throw it away or burn it if it was tattered), it is clearly intended to criminalize the thoughts going through ones head while committing such acts. The last thing we need is more laws criminalizing thought.

But that does not make it right or even tactical to burn an American flag. I personally love this country and its flag, and to be honest, seeing some kids burn the flag doesn’t get me irate. However, I often ask myself one question when I see a bunch of middle-class college kids hating America in such a transparent way: why stay here? I don’t mean to sound like a “love it or leave it” kind of guy, but why would you want to live in a nation you despise? It is not difficult to apply for citizenship in some other nation. Heck, you don’t even have to go that far; just pick up and live in a foreign country for a year or two. I have found that to be an eye opening experience, and an ideal time to reflect on all the great things the U.S. has to offer.

In the end, the reason most folks don’t leave this country is that they know it is a nice place to be. Perfect? Far form it. But to constantly equate the United States with some type of fascist or totalitarian system is a lie, and they know it.

(flag photo via Indybay/SantaCruz)

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Fourth of July

He that would make his own liberty secure, must guard even his enemy from oppression; for if he violates this duty, he establishes a precedent that will reach to himself.
Thomas Paine
US patriot & political philosopher (1737 - 1809)

On this Fourth of July, let us give respect to the freedom this nation allows us, and work towards that same right for all of God’s community.

Sunday, July 02, 2006

I should tell this joke?

How Youtube stays up and running is beyond me. With the level of licensed material made available on their site, I thought they would be long gone by now.

None the less, since it is the Sabbath (on my religion’s calendar, I think...) and I generally don’t blog on this day, here is a nice little clip that often makes me laugh.