Friday, June 09, 2006

Joining the Watch

I am thrilled to announce that I will now be contributing to Indy Media Watch. It is one of my favorite blogs, and I am looking forward to helping keep Indymedia websites accountable for the pieces they publish and host.

Loony Loony Indybay

Want to know why the far-left is no longer respected or trusted?

“The so-called Muslim terrorists recently arrested near Toronto,were reportedly so inept thats its very unlikely they actually really were a group of terrorists! Whats more likely is that this whole media blitz about catching these Muslim Terrorists is actually a scam and a "set up" by Pro Israeli Zionists (Can West Media) to villify and disenfranchise both Muslims and Arabs!”

Guess what: you can be incompetent and a terrorist! Just take a look at the Earth Liberation Front…

But of course, this must all be a Zionist conspiracy!

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Too good to pass up...

Well, I said I would be away all week, but this was just to rich. Now UCSC has a ‘Diversity Coalition’. That school must have more coalitions than it does students at this point.

Not that there is anything wrong with forming a coalition. Diversity sounds nice; advocating diversity is a noble goal I figure. Until I read their talking points.

“For example, multiple faculty of color were (or may be) forced to resign due to hostile administrators and faculty.”

Huh? How so?

“1) The center for Student Organization Advising and Resources (SOAR) has also faced consistent, unnecessary cuts, and a recent suspicious robbing of their bank account by Student Affairs administrators.

2) Year-long administrative delays in granting funding to Student Initiated Outreach programs left crucial organizations in debt.”

What in the world does SOAR do? Sounds like a huge, expensive middle man to me. More importantly, why should all students pay for this organization to exist? I have a problem with the University funding ANY private group or organization on campus, especially if it uses student fees to do so. Is a UCSC student financially responsible for every organization on campus, especially ones they may not agree with? I just think the school should away from personally funding clubs, it opens up a can of worms that it really shouldn’t.

“• Affirmative diversity means giving custodians and staff living wages and creating an environment where they want to stay.”

Raise student fees then. I don’t know what ‘creating an environment where they want to stay” means. When I was a UCSC employee, I considered it a well paying job with lots of benefits. They should explain what they mean by that.

“• Affirmative diversity means funding, supporting and recognizing student organizations that provide crucial support for retaining and outreaching US based underrepresented racial and gender groups.”

Again, raise student fees. I am sure UCSC students will agree to do so. They then will complain about the cost of tuition, but hey…

“• Affirmative diversity means hiring and retaining faculty of color and faculty from all racial and gender backgrounds who teach and research underrepresented groups, race and ethnicity. Understanding the operations of race and ethnicity is crucial to the education of all UCSC students.”

The University should hire the best person for the job, not someone based on their race or ethnicity. This is a University for crying out loud, if you are not actively recruiting and retaining qualified staff, regardless of their background, then you have problems. But to say you need to hire more of a specific ethnicity, then you have imposed a very unfair and un-free system.

And of course, my very favorite:

“• Affirmative diversity means being committed to achieving equal results not merely equal treatment.”

There you have it. Diversity means equal results. They want UCSC to be a utopian socialist society, where everyone is paid six figures, we all eat vegan diets, and no one ever says mean things!

Ah UCSC, how I miss you so…

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Week Off

I am taking this week off while I help out with Habitat for Humanity’s Builders Blitz. I will resume normal blogging this Sunday.