Thursday, April 13, 2006

“Listed below are the 6 latest comments of 27 posted about this article.”

This little statement over at Indymedia Santa Cruz says everything you need to know about IM concern for free speech.

At Indymedia, dissent is appropriate only if you follow the vanguard.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

...and it goes national

Well, it looks like SAW’s recent publicity stunt is getting some major national discussion. Michelle Malkin has 2 posts up about the event, one of them titled “UC Santa Cruz Hates our Troops.” Yikes.

While I am disgusted by the lack of respect the activist community often demonstrate at UCSC, being a UCSC alumni, I feel I should speak out in defense of the school’s silent majority. Let us not forget that only 100 protestors were there at this job fair. This small, stupid, yet vocal minority does not represent the student body as a whole.

I can almost bet that someone will be talking about this on Fox News tonight. Should at least give me something to talk about tomorrow.

Students Against Wisdom

Ah, the anti-military recruitment protests. The left’s new way to waste their time and damage free speech. The “Students Against War” over at UCSC disrupted yet another career fair by making it impossible for students to speak with the military recruiters.

“In response to the victory, SAW member Sam Aranke responded, “Our demonstration today is a clear example of how tangible success can be when we take strategic actions against the war at a local level.”

What? The only thing they accomplished yesterday was the suppression of the individual rights of the student body. When did it become acceptable on the left for angry mobs to shout down anyone or anything they do not support? The article goes on and on about patriarchy and rights, but how about the rights of grown adults who DID want to speak with the recruiters? Are those folks too stupid to know what’s good for them? I think that a college graduate has a right to decide which career field they want to go into to, and don’t need the vanguard at SAW to correct their ideas and behavior. Apparently SAW does not, for they know what is good for society, and they plan to force their will upon the lot of us.

Debate is great. Asking poignant questions of the recruiters is great too. Mob violence used to suppress free speech and get your way is terrible, and these folks are leading the way in that field.

Obviously, if a college graduate wants to join the military, it is not hard to do. This is hardly the only chance people have to join up. So in a technical sense, SAW accomplished nothing when it comes to military recruitment. They danced around for a few hours, congratulated themselves on their ‘radical action,’ and kissed free speech good-bye.

At least a number of SC Indymedia readers represented a far more realistic perspective than the protestors:

“I love how they say they sent 10 "liaisons" in to "dialogue" with the recruiters, then these moonbats begin "liberating" (a.k.a. STEALING) from the recruiters and all of a sudden 2 women are "assaulted" by campus security!! What a freaking joke! I am sure these idiots were assaulted, typical liberal moonbat hypocrisy. Run wild, steal, cause trouble, and if the law calls you on it, just scream assault! And for the record, if the one person who was "arrested" was let go after 15 minutes...then he wasn't arrested. Someday they will grow up...we hope.”

Let us all hope.

Louis Scmidt hit it on the head when he said:

“How do these students justify using their 1st Amendment Rights to suppress others 1st Amendment Rights? If the protestors are against the military, they are not obligated to listen to their recruitment talks. Other students however, do want to hear them and learn about the benefits available to them for having served in the military.”

And last but not least:

“The US military does not discriminate against homosexuals, your Congress does. The military enforces current legislation it has no authority to create its own. You can thank Bill Clinton for the current policy.” - Pavlov3

Just another day at UC Santa Cruz.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

The race to the bottom

Well, the race to the bottom is surely underway over at Indymedia Arkansas. Unfortunately, it is a quick dash for Indymedia into gibberish and obscurity. Now, they have taken to posting letters to terrorists asking that they nuke Washington DC. “Frankly, many of us would cheer if Washington DC were nuked into oblivion.”

Good freakin Grief. You really must read the whole piece to understand just where contributors over at Indymedia stand on issues like this. Apparently, they are against ‘murder and war’, unless it is against their own people. Disgusting.

I am sure that someone over at IM will eventually say that this post was a ploy by “Zio-Nazis” to undermine their ‘progressive news wire.’ Because as any faithful Indymedia reader knows, everything is the fault of the Jews.

Monday, April 10, 2006

Random updates

My apologies for not posting this last weekend. I am dealing with some network problems at home; hopefully they will get cleared up tonight.

Last Thursday we had 100 individual users check out this blog, and on average it lingers around 60. Thanks again to everyone out there who is reading. If you feel as if anything I say is wrong or incorrect, please post a comment or drop me an email. Unlike Indymedia, unless you post a diatribe full of curse words, it will not be deleted. All dissenting opinion is welcome.

The French are never wrong


Oh brother.

“Under the terms of the French law, youth under the age of 26 face extended probationary periods and lesser protections against layoff and victimization.”

How is this a bad thing? As of right now, it is near impossible to fire a French worker, even if they do a terrible job. Because of it, we will only see more and more business leave France for more realistic markets. The only thing wrong with this ‘probationary period’ is that it does not extend to every portion of the working community in France.

As of this morning, it looks as if the French can not even make these minor adjustments in their rigid labor laws. It appears the French model of job entitlement, high unemployment, and a massive social welfare system is the left’s goal for the future. Have we not learned a single lesson from the last one hundred years?

What I do find interesting is the complete difference in objectives between the immigration protests here in the states, and the labor law protests in France. The immigration protests are trying to allow a much more fluid labor market, where companies can hire and fire a worker quickly and effortlessly. I did not hear one person who marched on the side of the immigrant community say that they felt they were entitled to a job. They are saying that they deserve a chance at a good life, and understand they will have to work hard for little at first so that they can make life better for their family. By supporting the rights ofundocumented workers, you are inadvertently, supporting a free and loose labor market.

The French want the exact opposite. They claim every person should have a guaranteed job, but what will realistically come about is the guaranteed work for a few in their society, with the rest left on social welfare. The French mantra will then be changed to “Job guarantees for some, poverty for the rest.” How is that the model of the future?

If we had a labor market like the French do, it would be impossible for immigrants from south of the border to get jobs in the United States. Workers from Mexico and South America don’t see the jobs in our country as a race to the bottom. For those folks, it is the path to a better future.

I can understand the fear many working people have of the increased competition that comes from being involved in a global economy. I definitely don’t want to see every right that American and European labor has worked for in the last 150 years to vanish in these modern times. But we can not stick our heads in the sand as the French have done, and hope that international competition just goes away.

Indybay's intifada

“Wipe Israel off the map, maybe it's best, they are the root of the problem, and their blind supporters here.”

How in the world can folks over at Indybay really think they represent peace when posts such as this one stay up? Then again, the post is in reference to an article by ‘electronic intifada’, so I guess it goes without saying that the conversation that follows is lacking in intelligence.