Friday, March 17, 2006

Solidarity! Unless I have to pay for it

Ah, the college student and strikes. The two go together like spring break and topless drunk girls. Having once been a firm believer in all things leftist, I must admit that I have taken part in a number of strikes that had nothing to do with me or my job. Hell, I am sure I took part in some where I didn’t even know what the union’s demands were.

I have nothing wrong with a union going on strike or protesting. They are guaranteed that right here in the United States. What I can’t stand is the dishonesty of the student solidarity organizers, and their mouth piece at Indymedia Santa Cruz.

Here is a recent ‘report’ at IMSC that has to do with a protest put on by the local AFSCME.

As most observers will quickly pick up, this article does not contain one sliver of information concerning the budget for these raises. Lots of generalizations about struggling for “dignity and justice,” but no hard numbers as to how the university would pay for these increases.

There is an obvious answer that should smack every student right in the face: tuition increases. The state does not have an endless penny bank that it can pull from. In the end, these raises would come down on the student’s shoulders (or in many cases, their parent’s shoulders).

There still is nothing wrong with increasing tuition to pay for higher wages if that is what they, as a student body, decide to do. I presume however that the students will immediately turn around and complain about the unfairness of tuition hikes.

Here is a great example of Indymedia talking out of both sides of its mouth.

UC Santa Cruz should put it to a vote. If they want to give higher wages to AFSCME employees, then they should agree to pay for it. Something tells me that if the students were presented with how it would directly effect them, there would be less ‘solidarity’ for these kinds of actions by the unions.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Corrie and the stage

I figured that I would start off by posting my recent letter to the editors of the Nation magazine. The letter was a response to their recent article about the cancellation of the Rachel Corrie play in New York. For those who are not aware, Corrie was an activist with the International Solidarity Movement who was crushed under an Israeli bull dozer.

The ISM is hardly a group those on the left should be throwing their support behind. Not only have they expressed clear anti-Semitic views in the past, but actively work with terrorists in the Middle East and abroad.

The ISM recruits heavily on college campuses across the USA, picking up impressionable Leftists to stand in the way of Israeli security forces. ISM claims they put volunteers in positions that protect civilians; they have often used them as human shields for known Palestinian terrorists. Having been a member of the far-left at one point, I can see how their recruitment of college students to stand up for the world’s oppressed can be a powerful tool.

Here is some info about the death of Corrie. (I had a great site with information that was not in blog form, but my internet connection won’t let it open right now. I will add it in the next post for a more objective perspective.)

Rachel is not the only ISM volunteer to have died in Israel doing the organizations bidding. She has however, become the poster child for the “Israel is evil” crowd around the world.

To read the Nation article in question, go here.

“I have been a long time reader of your magazine, and I have generally enjoyed and agreed with it. However, the article on Rachel Corrie that appeared on the website and in this months issue will stop me from ever reading the Nation again. Rachel was used by ISM. A little research could have easily produced all the information required to substantiate this. ISM is not an organization dedicated to peace, and I find it sad that a respected magazine like the Nation would pander to a group that actively supports terrorist groups in Palestine.

There are wrongs done to the Palestinians by Israel. But for you to throw support by the nonsense that the ISM produces is inexcusable.

I will miss reading the Nation, but I can not continue to support a magazine that backs a group like the ISM.”

I will not stop reading the Nation. Sometimes I still agree with what is said within its pages, but more often than not it is a great source to see what the “moderate hard left” is talking about. When I want the “far left” is chatting up, I check out Indymedia.

Any comments about this first post would be wonderful. I swear to God, I will to make sure I catch as many grammar issues as possible before I publish in the future.

The beginning of the end, and the start of the nonsense

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