Tuesday, December 26, 2006

If you don't show up tomorrow don't bother showing up on Monday.

Pet peeve of the day: forcing comic books to look exactly like their current movie counterparts. This happens every time a comic book movie is released. Everything in the comic series must perfectly reflect the movie, because it would be too “confusing” for the movie going public who decide to pick up comic books after watching the newest Marvel Comics film.

It may not seem like a big deal to folks who don’t read comics on a regular bases, but it breaks up the continuity of a book when it is forced to conform to the rules and dimensions set by the film it is related to. Spiderman is going to use his black suit in the third film? Well then throw out all the current Spiderman storylines so that we can make the character look exactly like he does in the movie! Brilliant!


Pope Joe said...

This kid thinks making comic’s look like the films is actually a good idea. He references you in the piece too. He must have slept through the 90s.

Roland Dodds said...

Thanks for the heads up “Pope Joe”. I actually agree with his basic premise that switching back to his black costume fits the current state of Spiderman and that it fits into the storyline well. I also think the black costume is the greatest superhero outfit ever created, so I have no problem seeing Spidey back in it. Heck, I ordered all the upcoming “Back in Black” issues through DCBS.

I do think it is insulting for Marvel to force the comics into reflecting the current film however. Do they really think people are so stupid that they could not understand that the comic does not follow the exact same plot lines as the film they just watched? I just find it a bit insulting, but what do I know. I am sure Spidey comics will get a bump in the sales department when the film hits, so it is hard to argue against their business strategy.