Thursday, December 14, 2006

"If it means encouraging vicious racist anti-Semitism, or the destruction of the State of Israel, I still don’t care."

Folks who know me and my politics, and who fancy themselves members of the hard-left, often send me links to articles posted at Counterpunch. This, I do not get. Don’t get me wrong, I do like to read what folks on the “other side” (if I can call them the other side, seeing as how I still align with left leaning elements in society), but Counterpunch has about as much authority as Indymedia and Electronic Intifada. Here is a blurb from a recent post at Harry’s Place concerning Counterpunch and its blatant anti-Semitism and conspiracy nonsense:
“Talk of a Jewish power structure is increasing at two levels. In the nether regions of the internet, there's more about Jewish control of the US' Israel policy, or perhaps of the US itself. Higher up, one hears about a Jewish lobby, or a Jewish-Israel lobby, or, more often, about mean-spirited, unpleasant people who control the government, and who, it is said or coyly suggested, are Jews.

There is inconclusive but considerable evidence to support these claims. Jews loom large among the high ranks of government policy advisers, and in influential non-governmental policy organizations.” - Michael Neumann – Counterpunch

The Canadian Jewish Congress reported in 2003 on an email exchange between Neumann and the proprietors on the anti-Semitic website Jewish Tribal Review.

The Web site quotes Neumann as writing, “I should perhaps have said I am very interested in truth, justice and understanding, but right now I have far more interest in helping the Palestinians. I would use anything, including lies, injustice and obfuscation, to do so. If an effective strategy means that some truths about the Jews don’t come to light, I don’t care. If an effective strategy means encouraging reasonable anti-Semitism or reasonable hostility to Jews, I don’t care. If it means encouraging vicious racist anti-Semitism, or the destruction of the State of Israel, I still don’t care.”

Neumann still writes for Counterpunch, and he boldly stated that he has no interest in the truth! Papazou!

And so on, and so on…

In an almost completely unrelated note, I find it ironic that on the recent season of Survivor, there is one Jewish contestant that none of the stupid contestants like. The fact that some of the bozos he was up against called him things like “a rat” and “traitor” only helped clinch the irony prize for the year.

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Anonymous said...

The Palestinians deserve much, much, much better.

What, lies, injustice and obfuscation? All in the name of Palestinian liberation?

Talk about having a one-eyed PoV of the Mid-East, or what?

What ever happened to fighting for truth and justice for all?

Roland Dodds said...

I agree Courtney, the Palestinians deserve a lot better than they have been getting. I do think that the election of Hamas actually shows a crack in the old way o thinking however. While Hamas still states that they wish to destroy Israel, having them take power forces them to do what is necessary in making the lives of their people better. I don’t know anyone outside of the hard-line radicals who thinks fighting Israel is going to make life better for the people of Palestine at this point.

In many ways, the Palestinian cultural outlook seems very similar to Irish immigrants in the south of Boston. While most Americans of Irish decent have long since acclimated in American society, a small fringe holds to this idea that they need to fight against the English in their home country, and appose being part of the American society at home. When I was in Boston recently, I was surprised to see such a large portion of the Irish population that is stuck in this mentality that they can do no better than to fight old battles. Folks need to move on.

And the truth is, activists within the Irish community (which I am part of) continue to tell young Irish-Americans that they will never be part of “Anglo-America” and that they should just resign themselves to second class citizens. That is completely hogwash, and they need to drop the nonsense in my opinion.

Anonymous said...

You conservatiste, neo-cons, right wing pro american flag bearing war mongers are either trailer trash jesus-loving everyone-else-hating redneck bumpkins or zionist jews.