Friday, November 24, 2006

Jimmy Carter: Just Plain Wrong

I have yet to read Jimmy Carter’s new book “Peace Not Apartheid”, but I can already tell it is going to be a stomach-turning event. It’s a shame Amazon doesn’t sell booze, for I would surely pick up a bottle of Gin with my order to sedate my rage.

I wasn’t even alive during Carter’s presidency, but my father continually speaks highly of the man. “A failure at President he may have been, but he was a man who stood by the truth and was honorable” is a phrase that pops out of my pop’s mouth every now and then. He may have been a nice guy, but some of his recent statements (and this book) have shown him to be far from a “truth” seeker.

In my daily drudge into the Huffington Post, I noticed Alan Dershowitz had a review of the book that was generally sour in nature. The comments that followed it have only reinforced my support for the state of Israel. (“Yes, Jews have lived in those places for a long time, but they weren't displaced and massacred wholesale, as was the case in 1948. And gee, I wonder why Jews were expelled from Arab countries after 1948?” Uhggggg, you are right. The Jews have never had to deal with violence against them for no reason. They must have been kicked out of EVERY Arab nation due to an Israeli conspiracy!)

The double standards held against Israel just roll on…

And I know it is unfair to pick on a handful of comments made by folks on any specific website, but some of the statements made following Dershowitz’s piece are pretty low (and yet hilarious). Here are just a few more highlights.
“I personally don't want to read his "message" from the Zionists. They have bought this govt. and they seem to work for Israel instead of America. Do we really want to view your message?”

Jews control the United States. Got it.
“(Dershowitz) is a bright man who serves as a reminder to us that intelligence often does not correlate with objectivity and sound ethical values.”

Pro-Israel = Subjective. Ant-Israel = Objective. Got it.

Of course, not a single person repudiated any of the inaccuracies Alan pinpointed in Carter’s book. The reason for that is pretty simple: they are facts, and no leftist nonsense is going to change any of that.

A rather good post at Little Green Footballs sums up why there is so much hatred for Israel about on the left:

“Near as I can tell, Israel's greatest crime is succeeding at defending itself. It's BAD that terrorists shooting thousands of rockets into Israel don't manage to kill very many people that way. It's BAD when Israel succeeds at killing terrorists. Israel is BAD because it has a powerful, competent military. The terrorists are GOOD because even their most insane mass murder plots are so seldom successful.”


Anonymous said...

Well said. I may pick this book up to see what he says exactly.

Anonymous said...

What is truly sad is that many will read Carter’s book and believe that it is factually correct. I could care less how he personally feels about the Middle East, but to have this masquerade as fact is unfortunate.

SnoopyTheGoon said...

"...I would surely pick up a bottle of Gin with my order.."

I have just looked up the book on Amazon, it goes for $16.20. I cannot argue your taste in drinks, of course, but a good single malt will cost you a bit more than this book - and serve as a perfect replacement. All in all - compared with Gin + Carter, you can even save some ;-)

Roland Dodds said...

Haha, I do agree that a single malt will go down a lot easier than this piece of fiction.