Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Ach Wendel. Tis a mighty puddle of puke.

I have a few tid-bits to take in this morning.

Over at Indymedia Watch, there is some nice coverage of the coverage Indymedia has up concerning the Melbourne G20 meeting
. If Indymedia is good for one thing, it is for the colossal number of photographs they host after and during these events.

Indybay Santa Cruz has a piece complaining about “administrative paranoia”. Career fairs on the UCSC campus have turned quite violent in recent years, mainly due to the fact that a handful of protestors don’t feel the military should have the right to attend the event. Thankfully, this career fair brought no protestors, and the police just sat around all afternoon. Josh Sonnenfeld says:
“For a university consistently cutting vital programs (such as foreign languages, writing, etc.), this type of unneccessary waste is scandalous. When I asked administrators, they refused to provide either the number of officers present, or the price tag for such a police presence.”

You’re right Josh, it is unfortunate that the University has to hire extra security to protect military recruiters from the violence and nonsense that groups like SAW bring against them. And just because there was no protest planned, the administration did the right thing by preparing for the worse. That’s what adults do, and since these activists on campus have repeatedly shown that they have every intention of causing a ruckus, I commend UCSC for preparing in advance.
“According to a source inside the fair, it was near empty partially due to students' fear of crossing the police barricade to gain entry.”

Would you mind telling us who, or what this reliable source is? I highly doubt attendance at the fair was down due to some police officers standing around.

But hey, this is Indymedia. It’s always those copers fault, even when they are just standing about.

On a completely unrelated note, I picked up an extra 50 hits yesterday from folks searching for Cari Barichello, who apparently runs Justice for Juveniles. They all ended up at my post regarding the “Youth Liberation Front” and their support for school violence. Some interesting comments followed…

Photo by Josh Sonnenfeld
. (As much as I dislike his politics, the kid does take some nice photos.)

Oh yes, Gun Toting Liberal has some nice commentary to the planned Orgasm for Peace.

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