Friday, July 21, 2006

Worth a Thousand Words

No, there is no anti-Semitism coming from the left…


Matt M said...


Hi Roland,

I was just wondering whether you'd be interested in contributing to this:

It's an attempt to reinvigorate the debate which the Euston Manifesto was supposed to spark, giving those sympathetic to its ideals a chance to discuss and organise - a focal point if you will.

I'm looking to get as many EM signatories as possible to join up and post something (though they'll only be a handful at most to begin with). I was hoping you could post about why you signed the EM (or indeed anything else you'd like to contribute), and perhaps cross-post EM-related stuff in future?

Not sure if this is going to go anywhere - so don't worry if other commitments mean you can't.

Roland Dodds said...

Yes, that sounds good. I am definitely on board. I’ll email you this afternoon.

Roland Dodds said...

Oooooppps, it appears I do not have your email. You can email me any of the specifics at gendo82 (at) hotmail (dot) com.

charismatic megafauna said...

Zombie is my hero.