Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Standing With Israel

Via Indybay:
>"Israel" needs to go

"Israel" and Zionism has no place in this world - "Israel" has to go - end of story! The Zionists can go back to Europe and America.

Sorry, but now there can be no more talks about "peace" with this screwed up Zionist entity. It is destroying the world.


Let there be no doubt the forces Israel is up against.

Blood: the new symbol of peace….

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Daniel said...

which is precisely why it is so precarious for people like me. It is really schizophernic. I want Israel to be more moral and also end the Palestinian chapter in honor, but I can whilst being what the Israelis call a peacenik support any minute the so called peace demos here in London or eslewhere, because real htred for Israel and anyone who is a supporter of the state mixes in. Check Adele Rynolds Crazy World blog for example what the idiot member of parliament Galloway (whom I now call Nasrallaoway) said on the peace march, which was by teh way also attended by London mayor Ken Livingstone (naturally, when it comes to Israel all haters unite).