Thursday, July 06, 2006

More on Radical UCSC

Maybe we are beginning to see a shift in Leftist activism on and around the UCSC campus. A number of the posts that have popped up regarding the way radicals treated Denton while she was chancellor make some very convincing arguments.

“Politics is about ideas, not people. I hope you will stop your rhetorical bantering long enough to reflect upon your ad homonym attack not on "institutional racism, but on the character of one of the most effective warriors for acceptance and social justice that we have today. Accept your role in breaking her heart and let it change you forever so that you never again lose sight of the person behind the role. May her face haunt you so that you never again launch such attacks on persons. The only difference between what happened at Columbine and UCSC, in my opinion is that at Columbine the boys who were bullied turned their fire on there persecutors, Dr. Denton turned the fire on herself rather than fire at her tormentors. Be thankful that she was such a woman of honor.” - Dr. J

While I disagree with some of the assertions made in this thread, I find this discussion to be a positive one. Anyone who has lived in Santa Cruz knows that there are a select number of people who spearhead the language and rhetoric that most activists then echo. I hope that when this is all said and done, those individuals will be severely de-powered. If not for the cause of reason, at least for the sake of dignity.

(photo via “UCSC Charged with Disadvantaging Students”)

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