Monday, June 26, 2006

UCSC Chancellor Denice Dee Denton - 46

UCSC Chancellor Denice Dee Denton was found dead of an apparent suicide this weekend.

“Denton apparently jumped from a 43-story luxury apartment building in downtown San Francisco, police and university officials said. Her longtime partner, Gretchen Kalonji, has an apartment in the building, according to property records.”

Unfortunately, the last year produced a number of scandals involving some of her decisions at the Santa Cruz campus.

“Denton was also plagued by accusations of lavish spending at a time the university is raising fees and cutting budgets.

She was criticized for demanding $600,000 in renovations to her campus home and for helping secure a $192,000-a-year job for Kalonji as director of international strategy development.

Denton was also ensnared in the controversy that erupted last fall over revelations that UC executives were granted millions of dollars in bonuses, housing allowances and other perks without proper approval.

An independent audit released in April found that Denton received a series of benefits in violation of UC policy, including a $21,000 moving allowance and a $16,000 signing bonus.”

The activist community in Santa Cruz surely didn’t make her life any easier. Her home was vandalized on more than one occasion, and self righteous radicals often singled her out when the world was not moving in the direction they felt it should.
I am no blaming the radicals at UCSC for what has happened, but I do expect them to act responsibly in the future. Regardless of what your feelings may be concerning a specific leader or administrator, everyone deserves a basic right to privacy and respect. Do I think Santa Cruz lefties will do this? No, but it is at least worth mentioning.

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aaronsc said...

I agree. If there is anything to be gained by Dr. Denton's death it is that people will try to be humane and compassionate even in their "activism" and efforts to make change.