Tuesday, June 27, 2006

A Great Hypocrisy

Here is my recent piece up at Indymedia Watch. The way that many on the left make double standards for certain regimes (Iran, Iraq, Cuba…) is really at the heart of my move away from the leftist circles I used to run with. I am tired of hearing someone rail against the United States and its legal system, while at the same time defending Cuba and Iran’s judicial forms of justice. The reality and the rhetoric just don’t fit.

I also hope that all the posts placed here and on other sites don’t give someone the impression that I am an American exceptionalist. I believe that the US should, and must, follow legal and moral guidelines. We can not make rules that we expect others to follow but will not undertake personally. What I am tired of is the Third World Exceptionalism that has grabbed hold of the left in the last 20 or so years. You either believe Human Rights should be universally applied to all people, or you don’t believe in Human Rights. That type of thinking may not always work with my pragmatic side; the two often battle it out in my head concerning proper and realistic policy. But that is for a later day, here is the piece.

When is execution of a homosexual acceptable? When Iran does it of course!

“I'm sorry for what happened to those boys. However, I will not protest in the current political environment lest my actions be mistaken or misinterpreted as support for regime change in Iran. I will not add any kindling, no matter how small, to the mad fires of U.S., Israeli and Western imperialism and the quest for world domination, which want very much to torch Iran to the ground, its institutions, civil society, museums, libraries, schools and mostly its people, as has been done in neighboring Iraq.”

The double standard that some people hold for repressive regimes is sickening. How can you possibly say you support human rights and not take a stand against this type of action by the Iranian government?

We saw this same double standard pop up concerning the genocide in Darfur. A number of Indybay folks even claimed that the protests aimed at ending the genocide were revealing (there) true aims--to villify the arab world, thus deflecting from the criminal state of Israel.” Vilify? I know that this may not gel well with Indybay, but genocide is taking place in Darfur. If anything, these types of activists demonstrate an obvious disregard for human life, unless it is people who fall under their “pet projects”.

In the eyes of many Indymedia writers, even when genocide is perpetuated in Africa, Israel is to blame. What these activists need to realize is that many of us who support Israel also believe in a Palestinian state. Nor do I feel I would be able to defend every action Israel has taken against Palestine. But to make the accusation that all the worlds’ problems pail in comparison to what is going on in the Middle East, or worse, that all the world’s problems are somehow an Israeli construct, then you have crossed the line into loony country. If you are going to hold Israel to such standards of conduct, you had better extend those principles to all nations and people.

When it comes down to it, the gay community will legally celebrate their rights and culture in cities across America and Israel, while their Iranian counterparts may be put to death by their government for simply being.

But of course, this is all the doing of those evil Zionists.

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charismatic megafauna said...

How disgusting. Thanks for the heads up.

In San Francisco, Jess Ghannam was the keynote speaker for a conference on the situation in Sudan. They also brought someone from the Sudan...an Arab, clearly from a good (likely government) family. Not the one who's getting killed. They both spoke about how what's going on is just a political issue, not such a big deal, and a smokescreen set up by the Jews (oops, they meant pro-Israel). Jess Ghannam apparently called anti-Israel causes the touchstone of the left. Scary, no?