Tuesday, May 02, 2006

May 1st Radicals

Conservative blogger Michelle Malkin, and a number of other right wingers, are pretty pissed off that there were lots of Anti-American signs being waved across the country during the “Day without Immigrants” demonstrations. I have a few things to say about these signs, and how they get represented throughout the media.

Within every single political movement, there is going to inevitably be radical elements. If you look closely at anti-illegal immigration organizations like the Minutemen, you are going to find neo-Nazi and racist appendages. When you take a keen look at the Anti-War movement, you will find a number of totalitarian Communists and racists. Both sides will deny this, but most casual observers can visibly observe these folks in action.

Yet, I do not think that these fringe elements discount the entire movement they take part in. Just because there are totalitarian Communists in the anti-war movement, does not mean that all arguments against the war are invalid. The same goes for neo-Nazis in the anti-illegal immigration movement. If you think illegal immigration to the United States is a appalling thing, and you want to do something about it, does that make you a Nazi? Or if you are opposed to the war in Iraq, does that make you a Stalinist?

Pundits on the right of the political spectrum would have you believe that anyone who marched in the immigration related protests yesterday are socialists or reconquistas. Pundits on the left would have you think that anyone who supports boarder security is a racist and a Nazi.

Now, I do feel that folks carrying signs of Che Guevara and claiming “America is a Continent, not a Country” are downright stupid. Not only do they not represent the large number of immigrants from south of the border who do want to be Americans, but they end up hurting the very people they claim to support. That kind of leftist posturing only fuels Malkin’s fire and their own self-righteous egos. It also shows a complete lack of respect for those folks who sacrificed to get here and want to become part of our nation.

It is already bad enough that fringe ideologues in this country think they represent the movements they leach onto, we don’t need talking-heads reassuring them of their importance. Let’s push these groups back out into the outer reaches of the political debate, and let the reasonable arguments from each side come forward.

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