Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Degrees of Evil

There are two great pieces up at Left2Right. One focuses on some of the assumptions taken by Swedish researchers who reported that the brain activity caused in male homosexuals by human odors is more like that of heterosexual women than that of heterosexual men.

The other, which is also by David Velleman, takes issue with Ron Rosenbaum’s article, “Degrees of Evil.” Velleman says:

“The main thesis of Rosenbaum's article, and a theme running through his book, is that we must interpret figures like Hitler as having known that their acts were wrong, lest we end up underestimating their "degree of evil" -- or even letting them clean off the hook. I think that Rosenbaum's article was important because it articulated the muddled thinking of those who insisted that it was not just misguided but downright immoral to inquire into Osama bin Laden's reasons for attacking us.”

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Anonymous said...

What if what we believe to be reality is a dream? Then there are no degrees of evil or good. An illusion is an illusion.A dream figure is not real. What if it all comes down to whether we want to keep dreaming the dualistic reality dream or Wake Up? I don't know. Obviously I prefer the dream or else I would wake up. But nothing in this world makes sense. There is no logic. Religion seems ridiculous. So even though I must prefer the dream right now... I also prefer to believe that this IS a dream.