Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Argue's Indymedia

There is an open letter by Steven Argue up at Santa Cruz Indymedia that demonstrates one of the big problems facing most Indymedia affiliates.

First of all, you should learn a bit about Steven Argue. He is a radical totalitarian communist who constantly calls Israel an illegal state, while commending dictators like Fidel Castro and . Do a simple search at Indybay for ‘Steven Argue’, you will get a pretty good idea of what this man stands for. He also served time in jail for assaulting a police officer.

Now, on to his ‘article’ up at SC IM. After reading through Argue’s posts for about a year now, I have come to take everything he says with a grain of salt. He constantly claims that this incident was a “homophobic police assault”. His own commentary does not support this claim. Sounds to me, based on Argues piece, that is was a traffic violation. I won’t say that a wrong was not done to this member of the city, but I am not going to jump to Argues ideological conclusion. Argue repeatedly uses undocumented ‘facts’ to support his wild claims in this piece, and I hope someone at the local precinct gets word of it. It is one thing to slam the police force, but to single out one officer by name and make these harebrained allegations is completely revolting.

If Indymedia were a legitimate news site, they would not allow this kind of undocumented slander to be published. One reader says:

“Your statements about officer Brierly are intentionally false and inaccurate. By displaying your malicious accusations in this public way, you are libeling the officer. You should maybe spend some of the time that you waste sitting on your collective asses all day on the Pacific Garden Mall and think about how your loud obnoxious behavior affects those around you. The officer is sent to calls like this because other people are COMPLAINING about people like you. Or better yet, why don't you get jobs so that instead of being destructive and obstructive, you can actually be productive members of society....or is that too hard?”

Another says:

“I would like to start by saying that I have known PO Brierley for 10 yrs. And please note I know how to properly spell his name, something the author of the original article did not do. In the 10 yrs of knowing PO Brierley as an officer and a friend, I have never known him to make any negative comments towards the gay community. As a person of a "protected class" I would feel safe and protected going to PO Brierley to report a crime or report a concern. This is far more then I can say about the convict who wrote this article. Yes, Mr. Argue you are a convict. You are a criminal who battered a SCPD officer. I find it offensive that you are writing these defaming accusations against PO Brierley. If PO Brierley chose to sue you for defamation of character I would be the first one in line to defend him. PO Brierley is trying to make this community a better place for all who live and work there. Why don't you do your part, and get a job and contribute to this community you claim to be part of.”

Argue contends:
“As summer approaches we need peace officers on Pacific Ave not Neanderthals.”

Way to be impartial Steven. I think we could use a few less children like yourself making issues out of small tribulations on Pacific. Of course police abuse is serious; but only if it is true. A number of these new regulations concerning vagrants in downtown Santa Cruz were not created for the hell of it. They were formed because a lot off riff-raff collect on Pacific and then cause problems for everyone else.

I am sure that Argue failed to mention some important facts concerning this case. This individual was not arrested for helping get a friends car out of the way or for being gay, and Argue knows it.

I would not be surprised if this article were taken down. Once Argue and Indymedia wise up to the fact that they could be held liable for there words and actions, we may see a change in the quality of their ‘news wire’.

But I won’t be holding my breath.

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