Tuesday, April 11, 2006

The race to the bottom

Well, the race to the bottom is surely underway over at Indymedia Arkansas. Unfortunately, it is a quick dash for Indymedia into gibberish and obscurity. Now, they have taken to posting letters to terrorists asking that they nuke Washington DC. “Frankly, many of us would cheer if Washington DC were nuked into oblivion.”

Good freakin Grief. You really must read the whole piece to understand just where contributors over at Indymedia stand on issues like this. Apparently, they are against ‘murder and war’, unless it is against their own people. Disgusting.

I am sure that someone over at IM will eventually say that this post was a ploy by “Zio-Nazis” to undermine their ‘progressive news wire.’ Because as any faithful Indymedia reader knows, everything is the fault of the Jews.

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