Friday, April 28, 2006

"Nice... Nice, I like."

I am surprised Indymedia does not quote Borat more often. Many of Borat’s anti-Semitic and racist comments would fit nicely into any of the “Zio-Nazi” reports Indymedia sites love to run. Borat thinks the Jews take everyone’s money, attack people with their “Jew claw”, and he has advocated throwing them down a well on more than one occasion. Sounds like your standard “Zio-Nazi” report to me.

Thankfully, Borat is just a character by Sacha Cohen whose antics are meant to expose the closeted anti-Semitism that still exists in the West. The “Zio-Nazi” report however, is poorly disguised racism, masquerading as legitimate journalism. Israelis and Jews are continually described as:

“vulgar fascist zionazi(s) doing what they can to suppress the truth.”

“Since the Nazis, has there been a more diabolical group of people than the Zio-neo-Nazis?”

“Then when people try to defend themselves, their families and countries from the attack of the Zio-American Neo-Nazis, those brave freedom fighters who risk their lives to defend their countries are slandered mercilessly in the Zionist controlled mass media.”

No, that is not a joke or intended to be ironic, that is the stated views of Sydney Indymedia, and sadly, most of the other affiliates. You might as well be reading the Protocols of the Elders of Zion.

I think Borat put it best when he said:

“How many punch you take to cow before it fall? For me, my record is 11."
Ok, that doesn’t explain anything, but I needed to laugh at something after reading through the “Zio-Nazi” report.

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