Wednesday, April 26, 2006

More on the Euston Manifesto

Matt over at "An Insomniac" explained why he is a signatory to the Euston Manifesto, which I have also signed. He states:

"Despite one or two reservations about the wording of parts, it wasn't a difficult decision to sign the manifesto. I opposed the war in Iraq, and I believe that the occupation of that country has been at best incompetent, at worst criminal. I long to see Bush removed from the White House. However, for over a year now I've found myself increasingly uncomfortable with an anti-war left that seemed more and more opportunistic and populist in its arguments, more and more willing to side with or support reactionary and vicious groups simply because they too were opposed to the US. The logic of 'the enemy of my enemy is my friend' has seemingly swept away the principle of opposing oppression in all its forms for much of the left.

Too many people opposed the war not because they believed in the right of self-determination for Iraqis, not because of the untold suffering it could cause, but merely because the US was carrying it out. Simplistic arguments and barely concealed anti-Americanism sadly seem to pass for much of left-wing thought nowadays.

The Euston Manifesto, while far from perfect, is at least an attempt to recapture the spirit of a progressive internationalist politics that is so desperately needed. This is why I signed. Adding my name to a long list of like-minded (and some not so like-minded) individuals won't change the world. It won't even change the current political discourse.

But it's a positive step in that direction."

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