Thursday, April 27, 2006

Dur da Dur da Dur Dur

From our good ol "buddies" over at “Electronic Intifada.” Seems like they can’t deal with the legitimate reason for the European Union cutting its aid to Palestine.

"In the new situation following the Palestinian elections," he says, "we have remained true to our principles. We respect the Palestinians' democratic choice; we do not intend to punish them or to blackmail the Government they have chosen. But if the party in power no longer shares the peace agenda underpinning our partnership or a vision of a pluralist Palestinian society attached to the rule of law and respect for human rights, we are obliged to reflect on the conditions under which the European Community and the Governments of the Union may continue to use European taxpayers' money in the context of assistance to the Palestinians and their institutions. Our laws require us, at all costs, to avoid funding terrorist activities. Our political goals require us to ensure that the actions of both parties to the conflict remain compatible with the two-State solution negotiated between the parties." - Javier Solana, European Union Foreign Policy chief

Sounds understandable to me, but this is an Indybay article, so you know how they feel about this. I have included the 'hidden' comments in my link. You know, the ones that makes sense.

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