Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Another day, another stupid Indymedia 'article'

More stupidity over at Indybay.org. This is part of a recent article by ‘CHUCKMAN” titled “AMERICA’S BRUTAL TACTICS.” Of course, the act of using all caps when writing your name and title makes you an uber-revolutionary. Nothing ‘the man’ hates more than caps. Here is just a quick snippet from the unsubstantiated piece.

“The trigger-happy nature of Americans at check points is a well-established fact. These boys, many of them having joined up for benefits like money for college, do not want to be in these places, and they are irritated by the strange tongues and cultures and the blazing heat and sandstorms. They simply shoot first and ask questions after.”

The “well-established facts” CHUCKMAN claims to have are not posted in the article. In fact, he does not have a single source for any of his claims. Surprise, Surprise.

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Lenny McGillicuty said...

Duh, you shoot first and ask questions later. A dead person gives you the answers you want to hear. How do you think I got my fiance` to agree to marry me after being rejected so many times? We are going to have a grand wedding, probably tomorrow. she's starting to stink.